Monday, October 22, 2007

Some update after not blogging for some time

Went to Low Yat today, in hoping to get a webcam, which turned out - me getting a headphone, earphone, USB port hub and a 1Gb thumbdrive, bought Kok Jin his 4Gb. So now he owes me $$$~ Aaron got himself a speaker. And tht bloody speaker aint light. Luckily he din park so far away. If not he'll be crying "oh Jesus Christ, oh god" all the way to the car park. I offered him my kindness, if he wanted to rest his hands. He insisted tht he carried it himself...

Though the parking is not far away, but the problem is, with such heavy stuff on his hand, even if it's just 10 steps away, u'll be crying help and probably swearing. After taking the lift up, we still had to walk up a few flight of stairs coz we parked at BB Plaza, roof top. Thank god it wasn't raining, or else, it'll be pure bad luck.

By the time we reached the car and put the stuff into the car, Aaron's couldn't feel his fingers anymore. Maybe. *pondering* Or hands...? So I helped him to massage and stretched awhile. Paid for the parking and head to Mid Valley. It came to my surprise that Zone A had some empty lots. Compared to the last 2 times we came. I think it was? The Gardens parking, aka Premium carpark of something la... That is PURE HORROR! and petrol consuming (more like wasting) >"<

Happy to say that my cute little baby rabbits are now officially 2 weeks old!!! YIPPIEE~~~ Momo doesn't wanna feed them anymore coz they are already considered grown babies to her, so we dun need to force feed anymore... No longer do we need to face Momo's wrath... the scratches she gave to me, my mum, Kok Jin... I think Kok Jin was quite severe in a sense that he had the most scars from Momo on his left hand.

But it's happy to see the little babbies. It just makes u feel like they are the cutest things that exist in the world. Wonder if I ever had the chance to let them sleep on my bed. They opened their eyes on 18th Oct, which was only 12th day.. I think?

Lately, I've been thinking about the future. What do I wanna do? What am I more interested in? Honestly, I dun care about the biz industry. I seriously do not. I'm currently interested in doing those cute animal characters and come out with those cute products eg, Kam and Don. But since I suck in drawing, oh well..

Secondly, I feel like working behind the scenes, whether if it's music or movies/dramas/normal broadcasting stuff like news or wat, anything.. but I'm not studying tht now. Even if I wan to, it'll probably be after I graduated from HELP, maybe..

Maybe this sounds funny to people, I did consider doing stuff like drama - acting. But memorizing stuff is not really my thing. Probably due to lack of sleep and not sleeping early, which seriously affects my memory.

In the mood to take back music and art classes... and dance... But I noticed that my either left or right knee is painful. Not very good if wanna take up dance lessons which probably need the energy from the knees. Feel shy... wonder if my brother will go with me... :(

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Poor Baby

The 3 legged baby - Braveheart, died today. Time unknown, estimated between 2am to 6am. Yesterday when I came home from college, it was feeding time again. Braveheart was still able to suck milk from its mother. But I was wondering why its body had so much "wrinkles" - the baby curl up like a C shape. Since it only had 3 legs, maybe it was sleeping on only one side that the other front leg had became... sigh... I dunno how to put it in words. If only you all could have seen it urselves. Quite sad that it couldn't make it.

Made Aaron came into my house to see the babies. And just nice it was feeding time again at 4pm+. Aaron helped me to put the babies for feeding. Luckily he say the babies are cute. If not I would stare at him and not let him enter my house as long as those rabbits are still babies.

The rabbits now have more fur than the 1st day. Kok Jin's friend's mother heard about the baby rabbits she told my mum that she wanted the babies. Mum say will give her one pair.. Sigh... How sad.. How I wish that my house was a corner house where there's a big green grass compound for the little rabbits to run around.... Rabbit paradise. Maybe one day I decided not to have dogs as pets but rabbits instead! Mm....

Sunday, October 7, 2007

A funny look while eating crab

This was snapped during the time we went to Klang to eat seafood - Shanna's belated birthday

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Momo gave birth TODAY!!

YIPPIE!! Quite shock to see that the babies were already out so soon! We had some trouble as the babies were stuck in between the cage holes. We had to use the plier to expand the metal bars so that the babies could struggle to free themselves. Quite worry about touching them directly coz we aren't supposed to touch newborn hamsters. Not sure if rabbits are the same as hamsters. Momo gave birth to 8 little baby rabbits, but 1 died, 1 had a broken leg *swt*, the rest are ok.

I think the babies are gonna have black tips at their ears just like Momo. Only 1 has lesser black patches, and it seems to be the biggest baby among them 7. I wonder how their fur color would turn out to be? Momo is white and black patches while Cotton is brown. Mm~ The dead one did not have its ears developed in time and the eyes didn't had any lines like the others. Poor thing.

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all the babies

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a closer look

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mum busy setting up the cage for Momo and her kids

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Momo's butt hair also gone d

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Momo's dead baby

Tips for handling newborn rabbits (as far as I know) ...
  • If found rabbit fur near/on babies, keep them. The furs are to keep the babies warm! (so dun throw them away!)
  • To know whether or not the mummy rabbit has feed her children, check the body temperature of the babies (no termometer needed). If warm, means the mummy is taking care/ fed the babies. If cold, need to force feed (catch mummy and put the babies near the nipples for milk).
  • Put the babies in the box, use teared newspaper/ cotton/ rabbit fur for the babies to sleep on. I think have to keep them in dark area? Not too sure about tht.
  • Must check on the babies once in a while to see if the mummy had taken care of them.
  • Better to use glove while handling the babies.

Noticed the dead baby? U'll be able to see that the baby didn't really had ears or patches like the others do. Tmr's dad's bday.. and he doesn't seem to look happy about the babies...

Ah yes... ZiXian came by and I asked her to see the babies. She said... UGLY while Yang Ding Wei stand at the door looking. Zixian so clumsy that she dropped the box of the Shell data entry forms and some dropped on the floor.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


SIGH.... not feeling good lately at nite. Once in a while i get stomach discomfort, last nite I even had a stomach ache, dunno whether is hunger pain or wat...

I think the dark dark side of my personality is getting stronger. Lots of negative energy coming from me I guess. Sometimes I just like to drown myself in sadness, or purposely pick up fights from others.

"Someone's crying tonight."

Remind me to get my tutorial answers from WN. Went there today but forgotten to get the photocopies of it. Tsk.

Waiting for my brother to finish his PMR next week. Feeling a little excited if I ever get to learn to play the guitar. Had some songs to play in mind. Then dad's birthday falls on next Monday. Mum's gonna get him the Black Forest cake which i had for my previous birthday. I think she got him tht cake last year too. Mm.....

Last week Soo Wen asked me whether I had a facebook account. I told her I had. But then on the day itself, I went to check. Then I realised that it wasn't Facebook I had, but Facebox which changed to Netlog now. But now I'm getting addicted to the classic version of Pac Man. I used to have the 3D version of the Pac Man but forgotten where that cd went to d. Dunno whether my mum still wanna play the game or not. Last time she memang giler Pac Man or another similar game, CD Man. She could just go on and on til late nite also dun wanna go to bed. There was another time she was addicted to Solitaire that she was playing it every single nite.

Hooray for this half month. Dr Ben isn't here til the 3rd Wednesday. Yippiiee!! Can go home early, but not to forget, assignments. Still stuck at the 1st question of Fin, not done with the AROR method.

Maybe next time I should post an entry on Mr Wong Wai's language "flaws". For now I shall try to collect as much as possible. LOL. But I think most of u all are already quite familiar with them. Ain't saying a word here.

Stomach not feeling well... Oyasumi minna-san!