Sunday, November 30, 2008

Random Pictures

Mr Fatty Vincent dunno doing what with his iPhone. Sadly to say that all the pics I snapped is him closing eyes =.= He's leaving for relative's wedding dinner near Amoda (right across Times Square/next to Sg Wang/Low Yat?) He brought me to this spot, hoping to show me where Amoda is, so lazy to take the escalator. No, couldn't see Amoda at all.

A great day outside Mutiara. I sat outside 7-11 for almost 2 hours reading my comic books. Actually thought of calling Vincent when Jin suddenly told me he was done meeting his friend. This was about 2 months back?

KS studying hard for Asian Entrepreneurship in the library with her friend. I finished my exam before her. FYI, the library is under renovation. The photostat spot is blocked if you noticed.

Obviously, PK loves the camera because she used my new W980i and snapped herself. Behind is her 1st sister. She is a lot prettier than her sis. Btw, this is in Low Yat, her friends are working in this handphone shop. And it's the same day I met Vincent XD

This is for Wen Wen, the Godiva outlet in KLCC. And yes, they do sell drinks. Sorry,it's not a very good picture.

Sem break activities

My cousin brother is going home today (as at 30th Nov) after a 2 weeks stay at my house. Too bad he couldn't belanja us makan at The Ship for dinner coz my dad didn't felt like taking us there. So my cousin merajuk in KLCC, told my dad 'wa mai jiak' (meaning: I dun wanna eat).

Kok Leong was pissed off at my parents and my cousin bro. Cousin is start work on Monday, I think it's just training. Hopefully he'll help me and Jin to ask for part time jobs :S Money flow like water just within these 2 short weeks =_= I think spent like, close to RM500? This RM500 includes things that I helped to pay out for everyone during outings.

We went to Miharja, Cheras to eat vegetarian the week we finished our finals. After that we went to Maluri Jusco. Then the following Tuesday, we went to Desa Sri Hartamas for another vegetarian eating-outing. PK said that the branch in Taipan (near Summit USJ) was much more nicer compared to the one in Desa Sri Hartamas. After makan we went over to Hartmas Shopping Centre for a stroll and then after sending KS back to HELP, then we headed for Wisma Genting to book a room at Resort Hotel. We got ourselves a deluxe room, 4 persons going up, 2 super single might be a bit cram lo. So we were hoping to get 2 queen sized beds. At first we thought of taking the package, RM42 - Bus fare, Skyway, unlimited theme park. So it was a real deal. But the next day we received news from Sin Ying saying that she fainted due to low blood pressure. Her mum din let her go up to Genting with us anymore, so just left the 3 of us. Asked Shanna but she couldn't confirm with me right away. So we ended up taking a ride from Kok Leong, our driver~

KS reached HELP at 7.40am =_= Me and PK were still sleeping. Told PK that KS reached HELP before 8am, we were so tired that we continued to lie in bed til 8 something. Brought KS back to my house and the both of them started to online til 11 something when we finally get to go Ling Zhi to eat brunch. Kok Leong din come coz he slept later than us, estimated he slept before 4am. Me and PK slept at 3am.

After a very long time, we kept eating the minute we reached Genting. Since the nite before I had to go pick PK and we went to Ampang Tesco along the MRR2 and shopped for some junk food. So the minute we reached the hotel, everyone started eating cup noodles and then jelly=.= Then we went walking around the indoor theme park and we took photo stickers, just RM30. Just a couple of bucks extra from KL. Then we head for the car park because we left the plastic bag with Milo and Twisties inside the car.

After Kok Leong left, I think PK and KS ate cup noodles again =_= I ate Super Rings~ Then we sampat in the room, especially PK, she brought her shawl and then she was pretending to be gui fu (rich lady). So she copied the stunt in the movies - the girl holds the scarf high up and run so that the scarf will fly. That's what she did, and she also brought her sunglass. Everybody (including Eong) played with her sunglass and her shawl. Wakakaka~ XD We are really sampat!

Eong din tapau dinner for us :( So we had to go out to hunt food, sampat KS say she wanna sing k, PK also mouth itchy wanna sing k. Note that KS had sore throat, she can still eat chilli stuff... and imagine she wanna sing k with tht throat of hers =_=" So we went all the way First World there I dunno wat's the name of that building... Indoor theme park.. got this K-Box... these mini boxes to sing just like those in Sunway =.= Usually for Malays. So we were so zha dou that we continued walking around. Then finally we found that the karaoke that we were looking for was just near our hotel =_= It was in Genting or Highland Hotel. All the walk, for nothing =.= Searched high and low for about 1 hour. We even passed by the karaoke place a few times, zha dou or not? And before that, after we came down from our room, we got lost and walked in circles for 10 mins. On our way back to the hotel, PK bought her sweet corn to eat.

After that we watched tv in our room coz we decided not to sing anymore, RM55 I think? Only for 3 hours. Then PK started doing mask, and I also followed. Then she ate groundnuts, but she eat unhappily because there wasn't any beer to go with it =_= Then we also watched Love Connetto's Love Click or something like that. And also watch some local Chinese drama, Taiwan drama (starring Show Lo Zhi Xiang and Da S 'Big S') and a local entertainment program. Then finally we butt itchy again went downstairs and walked to First World again and then back to Resort Hotel for Coffee Bean. I ordered Pure Vanilla ice blended while PK ordered Mocha ice blended.

Then we watched tv again and finally go to bed at 3am =___= Supposed to wake up at 7am the next day but nobody made the first move to go clean up coz we kept peeping at each other whether anybody woke up or not. Since everyone thought that each order were still asleep, everyone ended up getting ready at 8am. Ate breakfast and then back to the room and laze around and pack stuff. We were wondering whether or not to go theme park. So the tv was on and we were reading newspaper. I finally fell asleep (to rest my eyes, very painful) and PK also fell asleep, KS and Eong was watching TV. Finally we checked out. Shanna was with JC at First World, waiting to check in. Went to look for her and invited her to go theme park with us. But she had stomach ache, so she had to sit down and wait for about 2 hours to reach her turn to check in =.=" We persuaded Eong to go theme park with us. Persuaded him for a while coz he told us he will just walk around and blow wind =__= Walk around for a few hours to blow wind?

Anyway, so the 4 of us were finally in the theme park. We heard FIR rehearsing for their concert on 29th Nov! We even tried to take a peek inside the Arena of Stars but most of the weren't even open! KS managed to see the stage. I couldn't. The guard was looking at us. Quite paiseh. We had to leave the theme park after just 2 or 3 hours inside coz it started to rain and we decided not to wait til the rain stopped. We did not have lunch and went down straight to Kepong, Ling Zhi again to eat KS' hokkien fry. Kept asking us to order hokkien fry in Genting. So we ate hokkien fry and cantonese fry and went home. We dropped KS at Wai Sing Si, near the famous Kei Tak Zek.

About 10pm then me and Eong send PK back to Cheras. She borrowed a lot of comics from me. And she's gonna lend me some of her collection too.

PK and Chee How went to FIR's concert. PK in Genting 3 days straight. Probably sien.

Tot of putting the photos but they're still in my camera. Lazy to transfer out.

Monday's a new sem again. Sigh. Seemed like sem break wasn't a sem break. Going for facial with PK at Times Square on Tuesday. PK's birthday on Monday, so we're gonna celebrate after we finished our MC100 finals. Not sure wat to do yet. @@"

Oh, Financial Accounting 2 for the short sem, in the timetable, the lecturer's name wasn't listed. I wonder who's gonna take over? I'm not sure whether to take 1 or 2 subjects this sem. Sigh. The electives that I wanted to take aren't offered in short sems. I'm considering taking Asian Entrepreneurship. Sin Ying's probably taking that too. Hmm..... And hopefully Wong Wai's not teaching Year 3 subjects =.= If not, I'll be doomed! A new lecturer took over Michelle Phang d. Lately the business dept has a lot of unfamiliar lecturer faces. Suddenly a lot of Indian lecturers there @@"

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Long entry ahead!

This sem break doesn't really feel like a sem break. Probably because still have MC100 classes to attend. Dec 1 would be finals. Fast! About my finals. I would say that I might just be able to pass MA2 and Investment. Certainly not for Mr. Lye's Financial Reporting. Simply because, I did not attend any of his classes, and secondly, I hardly studied this subject. I was dead tired when I tried to study.

Last week was almost a busy week:
Monday - exam
Tuesday - exam
Wednesday - exam
Thursday - relax by gaming whole day (day time Cabal-ing and nite time Ps2)
Friday - went to KLCC
Saturday - Times Square (hung out at Borders and bumped into my Vinvin~) - Low Yat (accompany PK to choose her phone) - Times Square (managed to meet up with Shanna and chit chat a lil) - Kepong (dinner) - helped Kok Leong's fren with her CTS assignment over msn
Sunday - helped Kok Leong's fren (came to the house) with her CTS assignment (Drugs shud not be legalized) - Guitar class - dinner - grandma's house
Monday - exam (finals finally over!)
Tuesday - open book quiz - Miharja (cheras) for vegetarian lunch~

quite busy =_= And I've checked the handbook. Most of the year 3 subjects needs ACC202 (Financial Reporting) as a prerequisite subject! =___= Meaning that I'm spending 5 sems on Year 2 subjects. That's like almost a year?! Wow.... oops! I mean... one and a half years!

Remember the girl Sim from foundation? The one who smokes? Had a small chat with her on Tuesday and founded out that she almost got rape during form 4. Her fren brought her to a place to see stars (she said they all 'lan' romantic XD) then suddenly a few Malay boys came and smashed the car and robbed them. Her shorts got pulled down to above the knees! Since then she's afraid of Malays and Malay taxi drivers that are very suspicious. She's even scared to go out at nite. She's forced to study Accounting because her father said that accounting will provide a more secure job. But she wanted to study music, she plays the guitar! @@ I heard from PK that she struggled to answer most of the exam papers.

What I hate about sharing answers with people is that they tend to distribute the answers to others of whom I do not know! This Shirley girl from MA2 class, her attitude is terrible! We retakers have most of the answers to the tutorial questions. Most onli, not ALL! Then one time, we did not have the answers to the questions because the questions were new to us as well, so this Shirley thought of taking the easy way out by asking the answer from Jing Yann. Jing Yann said she did not have the answers to the topic. You know wat Shirley said? "How can you NOT have the answers?!"

Wah! Expect people to provide the answers for you all the time?! Shit la. I hope u fail! Amazingly, she's the first person to came out from exam hall! Oh ya, the reason I'm saying that I hate answers being distributed is because.... I spent a lot of time doing the questions =_= I even gone through scolding from the lecturer because of silly mistakes. Then the next thing I knew, my answers were being circulated around. Sim copied my answers in the library and lend her fren to read =__= First of all, I'm not sure if my answer is 100% correct! If you want my answers, should have tried the questions yourselves then ask me how I derived the answers!

I realised that I can't tolerate people who are too naive =___= I feel like killing them. I've always thought that my temper is quite ok. But somehow this naive fella has managed to make me feel like raising my voice and scream!!!!!!!! Grrrr......

Betta cool down. Dun wanna get old fast~ Oh, I finally got the chance to watch opening of The Holiday (starring Jack Black, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz). Such a sad ending~ I love how the English speaks.

Saturday, November 8, 2008






That day baru tau Jung's surname is.... Kong (孔) in Chinese... He said his dad had 3 surnames =_= Kong, Heng (not sure if it's this spelling), Hing. Confucius' descendent?! Hing and Kong is like... so different can? I met his new girlfriend yesterday. Hmm... at least he finally found somebody new.


I'm gonna puke,
I'm feeling sick,
I'm very dizzy

I hate numbers,
I hate accounting,
I hate long descriptions
I just hate reading academic stuff

I wanna read my Susuk novel,
I wanna play my Guitar Hero Aerosmith
I wanna sleep til afternoon and wake up feelin carefree
I wanna play my bowling!

Next year I wanna join sports carnival again,
Next year we're gonna attend prom nite,
Next year I'm gonna have to face year 3 subjects
Next year I'll be seeing my friends graduating but not me

I feel like working
I feel like killing my lecturers
I feel like playing sports
I feel like seeing you


Hmm, Happy Birthday ZiXian, although I've wished you last nite. Omg, I'm feeling really dizzy. Dunno izzit because I'm facing the computer too much or because I tried to read the lecture notes on the computer, the slides gave me a terrible head-spin! So now I'm typing and feeling very sick at the same time... Dammit! The mid term for MC100 is on Monday and I've already completed 3 topics (of slides) tonight. Looks like I can't stay up to study for my MA2. Since I wanted to end the revision really fast, I still have 11 chapters of FIN204 left untouched =.=" And I'm wondering how on earth am I to gulp all those 11 chapters just in 3 days =.=

I really gtg, gotta go lie down. Feel like puking real badly.


I think I'm working quite hard for the finals. For Management Accounting 2 onli. Me and KS really felt annoyed and irritated about the midterm. Dammit! The midterm was easy =_= And due to carelessness... sigh, tough luck. Went to look for Michelle Phang for consultation, ended up got lectured by her and I guessed she was quite upset with us? Probably because we're retakers, and she might have felt that we are lazy students. And dun quite pay attention in class, always sitting behind talking or laughing =.=" or during tutorial while everyone is working very hard on the questions, we're just sitting there chatting away because we had the answers (from last semester's tutorial).

It's been a long time since I studied til having gastric, terrible shoulder aches, feeling very sleepy and tired after coming back home from doing MA revisions.

I shall make my move now. Sweet dreams.

Wuwu..... shall plan for our sem break holiday. Yippie~

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fantastic Day

Hiup! Exams period is here again, all the best UQ-ers! Hmm, still in the preparation of MA2. Damn frustrating doing accounting stuff... grr.... me and Khai Shein struggled thru our textbook questions today. And we were so into it that I've totally forgotten about my ACC202 class! Aiks! Supposed to getting the exam tips from class, looks like I have to get it from fellow coursemates.... =_="

And after my finals, going to somewhere. Gonna move there to study. But I shall not reveal anything yet until the day comes. Everyone is afraid of the bad times and many of my mum's friends are trying to get their children to study in Singapore. Now you know why Singapore suddenly is gonna have plenty of skyscrapers.

Had a very very long chat with Jung yday. He was supposed to attend his class at 2pm, but he was so exhausted (due to his heavy workload as usual), after we had lunch (me, KS, him), KS went for class, so me and him were having little chats about his new girl. Then he told me he had to get some rest before class. Woke him up at 2.05pm, he said let him rest for another 5 mins... Then he finally woke up and went for a drink. And came back very long about 3 something =_=" So we talked and talked.... til it was almost 5pm he wasn't interested in showing his face in class d, hahaha...

The BEST part was, I reached college around 7.35am.... Even when I had 8am classes, I NEVER came this early (for a long time, excluding exams) =_=" Not even to start my revision early. But I sat there like a fool cos I was feeling very tired. Waited for KS to come by and she told me that now students would have to flash their student IDs in order to get up the bus! Damn troublesome since I've always put my purse inside my bag. Luckily I came with my brother yday. If not, sure die. I had a lot things on my hands - 2 accounting textbooks, 1 accounting lecture notes booklet, 1 FIN204 lecture notes booklet, my usual folder/file, a small packet of new foolscap paper.. and a laptop. How to hold the card?

I haven't announced the best part yet. When I realised that it was already 5.17pm, I was wondering why my brother did not contact me. He should be done with all his classes. So I finally asked him whether he finished his class, he told me ya. So I asked him where is he? He called me up and asked me where I was. Then... he told me he was already on his way home ZZZZZ..... He tot I went home early, so he wasn't expecting to pick me up from KPD and go home together... wuwu........ I'm being abandoned by my own brother!