Friday, January 30, 2009

Last night I was google-ing for images and suddenly, I missed SailorMoon. My brother's friend still hasn't return my comics yet! And I was even craving for Chiba Mamoru's pictures! Sadly, there wasn't much to offer.

Mamoru - The prince of the Earth kingdom (so handsome in the Manga)

Yes, and thanks to SailorMoon, I started drawing. Even wake up early morning to catch it on tv! Where have all the good ol' days gone to?

Went to KLCC today. I was actually curious what copywriter does for a very long time since it appears in the newspaper's classified section. I only read til the second page, but had the urge of buying the book. Nope, I didn't buy anything in the end. But the marketing, PR and advertising books were tempting me (T-T) Maybe I ought to frequent the bookshop a lil more often.

Today only I know that my cousin was once in the same college as Vin. They might have been coursemates, maybe not. Since my cousin only did a foundation course there. No wonder he had wear formal last time.

I so wanna watch that Wedding Game by Fann Wong and Christopher Lee. Evil Kok Jin watched with his friends d.... wuwu.... The Confessions of A Shopaholic seems interesting. I wonder if Vin would wanna watch :S Since we watched the trailer twice in the cinema. Isla Fisher's character in The Wedding Crashers was kinda scary at first.

Omg~ Kok Jin looks good in formal wear! Dammit... my cute little chubby brother has finally grown up (T-T)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good Luck?

Omg omg~ this is the 2nd time I'm having what I consider high marks for my assignment~ Yippie~ And it's for a non-accounting subject XD Maybe because I loved the lecturer too much :p The lecturer said that my assignment was good, so I got 74 marks (dammit! format marks got deducted because of in-text referencing). Hopefully this business proposal will land us another 20% at least out of the 30% assessment marks, and if I do relatively well for finals, then a B- would not be hard? :S But the chance is slim... sobsob.... I've never been so active in class. Maybe because I really love the lecturer a lot XD Better study hard then~ yippiie~

Hopefully I'll be able to get at least a B for this sem. So Vin can belanja me makan XD Maybe lately I've been getting Bs... So I have more motivation to study harder. That B+ for MC sure has made my day, and also the B- for MA2.

I finally went to register for the Japanese class that I've been longing to go. Meaning, less time spent at home. Great. So I wouldn't have to be so damn bored at home, stuck doing nothing. But if the students are not enough to open a class, then I'll have to try for other places then. *sad*

Finally gonna meet my Bird Queen tmr~ Yeah yeah~ probably will camwhore lots~

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I would like to be a bad-ass girl for a day. Do things that I usually refrain myself from doing because of moral reasons, family reasons. Vandalism could be fun? Make prank calls, ring people's door bells, scratch their cars, break their glasses, steal stuff from shops ...

22 years old this year, by right, it sounded almost like a person can do anything. The fact is that despite being a 22 years old person, I don't feel like an adult. Just a little girl trapped inside a grown up body. Commitments? Responsibilities? Everything is bound by it. Sometimes, they kill the fun in us. We forget our fun side.

I hated growing up. I hated my parents throughout my high school years. Hated mum for scolding me without reasons. Scolded me because I had pimples. Scolded me because a male classmate called the house to ask for homework, thinking the fella wanted to court me ="= Scolded me if I do not take up tuition classes. Scolded me if I got too close to guys.

  • Cannot date (until now, at least finished my studies)
  • Guys will rape me if I'm the only girl with them
  • Guys will take advantage
  • I'll get raped
  • I'll get raped
  • I'll get raped
  • I'll become sad and heartbroken
  • Will affect my studies if one of the party is still sad over the break up
  • Puppy love, no serious and long lasting relationship
  • I'll get cheated
  • Not safe to hang out with guys because they are evil
  • I'll still get raped
Maybe it's for my own good. Tuition was only wasting money since I ended up studying on my own without relying on tuition.

Anyways, Mr Lye's wife thought of sending their kid to Chong Hwa to study. I think I just kinda lan suk with him =.=" I think he used to stay near Ms. Eileen since he said he used to stay at 21/2 miles, then moved to Kepong Manjalara. That's why he chose to teach in HELP coz that's the nearest college.

So sad.... This week is the last week of lectures. Won't be able to attend anymore of Mr Kishen's class..... sob sob sob sob... SOB...

Grown ups are just big kids. Hate them. Makes me think twice of having a family of my own next time. Or I should just live with my Handsome. Feel like moving out of the house and live somewhere far away from them. Or maybe I should just lock myself up in the room and isolate myself from them?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

CNY eve is exactly a week away from today~ Feels like time is running short @@" Feelin kinda fed up since I have to do a group assignment. Now I'm wondering what else to add into the assignment. Somemore have to spend the holiday studying for finals, which I think it will not affect me in any way because I don't really spend CNY anyway. Just sit at home and laze around. Now I'm thinking how to spend my sem break.

And most likely not gonna go to Australia anymore. So we'll probably just have a small trip back in the country. Maybe won't be able to go to Taiwan at the end of the year too. Sigh. Another sad thing is that, won't be able to attend Mr Kishen's class anymore SOB!!! My favourite lecturer after Mr Alex and Steven Toh ~.~"

Mr Lye now recognises my name =____=" I also dunno whether it's a good thing or bad thing. During mid-term he looked at me when he has nothing else better to do. Even when he had phone calls, he would stand outside the door and peep inside, and also look at me zzz (maybe because I sat at the 1st row). Then during tutorial class, while we were doing the exercises, he came and ask me why we sat behind =.=" Asked whether we could see the white board or not (actually only I can see, Pk and Ks can't). We were late for class because we had lunch at Miharja, Cheras. Lols~

Saturday, January 10, 2009

On A Saturday Morning

To begin with, my cousin brother came to crash at my crib for a few days =_= He was somewhat the black sheep of the family, but my dad sayang him a lot. He informed me on a Thursday afternoon that he would be staying for 3 to 4 days. Told Kok Leong, he was furious. Then he told my mum. Yes, everyone is upset that my cousin bro (who is my neighbor at my new house) who is staying as near as Selayang also wanna come to our house to stay. And now that he's also sick, we're quite concerned that his virus will fill the air. And for your information, he opted to sleep on the couch at nite.

So today morning, at 7.30am my cousin sms-ed me whether I would wanna go for Bak Kut Teh breakfast or not. It was located at Kepong. And I was the driver. I slept about 3am last night, was quite relunctant to wake up, but already nobody layan-ing him at home, so me and Kok Jin just accompany him for breakfast. The first time waking up this early on a non-schooling day (after for many many many months). I couldn't tahan my car so dirty, so I even filled petrol, send for car wash and checked the tyre pressure.

Come home d, online lo (although I'm supposed to get my room all cleared up). Planning to watch Ip Man with Kok Jin asap before the movie is out. I hardly watch movies mind you. Only just recently I started hanging out at the theaters again. Now only noticed I've been watching movie with guys. Mostly with Jin because Eong refused to watch with me when Jin is around, watched once with Jung, twice with Vince. Luckily I have a brother who 'loves' me so much, LOL~ Jin wanna watch 'They Wait' also @@" After Ip Man first la.... then can continue to shop for new year clothes~

My leg numb d @@" tata~