Sunday, March 22, 2009

This Saturday is the Annual Trekathon for Sports Carnival 2009~ Hopefully there won't be any rain :S

First time eating in Tony Roma's. Very filling because there was a large portion of fries. My fish and fries - I was full after finishing 3 fish fillets =.=" Had to force myself to finish up the coleslaw. Was very unwilling to eat it because I tasted celery inside. Yucks =.="

I seriously hate people who has got so many of kai gor, kai mui these sorts of relationship. What the heck you need so many for? You've got your own sibblings. Isn't that enough? ~!@#$%^&* Sien.. And damn dulan people who cannot be independent for once. It's not that scary to do things alone, k?

Taken (starring Liam Neeson) isn't too bad. Basically the movie is about human trafficking. Damn scary after watching it. The lesson to be learned is... girls shouldn't travel alone. Even if we do, we should NEVER EVER put our trust in the hands of some foreigners that you've just met. Do not even bother to share a cab with them whether they have good or bad intentions (eg. cab fare is expensive if one person pays) and do not reveal anything about yourself (the place you're gonna be staying) and not to forget - do not take up their invitation to attend any sort of party. Or else... you'll be kidnapped from your hotel room/apartment, get drugged and end up a sex worker. So be EXTRA careful.

There was an accident at Jalan Kinabalu today. I saw a guy lying on the ground with paramedics and policemen surrounding him. He looks dead to me. I could be wrong. Maybe he's just unconscious.

Omg~ I am finally starting my Japanese class this Thursday night @@" And I can return the RM10 to the consultant (I don't even know... 顾问/gu wen/gu man is consultant, is it not?) When he called me he asked me whether I can guess who is he, actually I had his image in my mind but I've forgotten his name.. too gan jiong... So I asked him who is he lols. I think he has forgotten that my canto sucked because when we talked face to face we spoke in mandarin. Luckily can speak nicely in simple canto.. walala~

Yippie~ after 2 and half days of hard training, I have finally defeated Yunalesca in FF10. Yesterday already playing until trying to get into Sin but since have to go to Jusco, so just off the game.. sigh... Hopefully will be able to complete the game. Then I can go back to playing my FF8 and FF7 =.=" Kok Leong got a PSP with a free "R U Orginal" shirt and without a free game =.='' wth... He wanted FFVII: Crisis Core. Since the outlet was out of stock. Sigh... Kok Jin says there's a new Nintendo DS Lite coming out @@" So won't be getting my hands on it anytime soon. Sad.

Wanna go to Taman Pertanian again! So fun (and torturing) cycling down the slope and have ice cream and 100 plus after cycling under the burning hot sun and going up the slope O.O" Thank god I did not fell down if not my mum is gonna kill me for having additional scars on my leg. Unfortunately, some of the girls (maybe 2 or 3) fell from their bikes. Can't remember when was the last time I actually went for cycling. 10 of us in a group. Pk couldn't come as she was "going thru tough times" if you know what I mean. We got lost going to and coming back from Taman Pertanian. I think we even went onto the Guthrie Highway =.='' Had my GPS on and Seow Boon checked how far from our current destination to Kota Damansara. Then when we almost reached Kota Damansara d, Anne Kee asked Sin Ying to U-turn and go through the other way (going back all the way to Bandar Utama). Went to so many yuen wong lou =.=" And since Pk couldn't go, we can't have picnic. So sad. (Actually Ks told me Pk say the Johor girls very weird, so she wasn't close to them. Aiyor, we attend classes together, so we got closer to them ma... And not the first time Pk see them or talk to them also. So during lunch in Sri Emas, when we were happily discussing about picnic, Seow Boon volunteered to prepare some food. Then Pk stared at Seow Boon and suddenly say... she will make. Then SB said anything lo, let Pk make and kept quiet and eat her food. Turned out... Pk also din go... poor picnic....)

Gotta save money from now on. Since Mr Vin has expensive taste and this year's he's gonna be 21, so... =.= Shall belanja him at the Japanese restaurant that he has been dying to try. Maybe even before his birthday we've already dined in there. Since he doesn't even wanna wait for his results to release baru makan. Why are guys so impatient =.= Tsk. Went to Pavilion twice with him, two times also he told me he wanna try Kampachi. Then asked me to belanja, and gave me a confirmation that the bill will not be 3 figures. Funny thing is that whenever we're in the bookstore, he walked pass me and couldn't see me =.=" Then ended up calling me asking where I am.

Happy 4th Anniversary to the people I've known in Foundation~ Whether or not we are close to one another, happy knowing you~ Things that we do that made people angry or whatever drama that went on. It's already in the past. So let's move on and cheers~ (''.)