Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where Did She Gone To?

Today went to college slightly early because I had a lunch appointment with Howe Lann, my high school fren. So, before lunch I went to main block to read up the Corporate Accounting textbook on Chapter 3. Then smsed Sim Wei whether she had finished reading the stupid chapter zzz She called me up instead and told me she'll come find me since she wants to come back to main block. Then we read for awhile then Yuan Khai called her and met her up. So the 3 of us were "reading". Then Howe Lann called saying that he's coming for lunch d. So I asked Yuan Khai and Sim Wei to join us for lunch.

Suddenly, upon leaving, Yuan Khai asked me if both of them join us for lunch, would they be disturbing (aka light bulb) us. WTF... even Sim Wei also asked similiar question. NO! He already has a gf ZZZ It's because so happen he's now currently working in CIMB at Millennium Tower, just to do audit work. He's actually working for PwC now, as an auditor of course, and the client is CIMB. So he asked when was I free for lunch. And since Yuan Khai was also classmates with me and Howe Lann back in high school, so there was no problem. Only Sim Wei la... since they've never been in the same class.

So we were chatting during lunch at Pizza Hut. Then we were talking about some other high school frens. Since most of them have already graduated (and do not keep in touch with them), so Yuan Khai asked Howe Lann if he knew anybody working in PwC as well. Then we were talking about this girl in high school who used to be a bully.

Sim Wei: eh, which Luah Wei Ying you're talking about?
Me: neh, the one who was in the same class as you and me back in Form 1.
Sim Wei: oh, she was my primary school classmate! she got bully you ah?
Me: got, she bully me in Form 2! she asked me to write the history report all by myself and she will be in charge of finding info (the info could be easily found and also borrowed from others to photostat)
Sim Wei: she bully me in Form 1.
Me: really?!
Sim Wei: I thought she transfer out after Form 1. why she like to bully ppl one? she so babai like tht... I din see her during Form 2
Me: nola, she was in the same class as me in Form 2, and she sat next to me!
Howe Lann: I thought she left after Form 2. cos I din see her after that~
Me: she was in class 311 (Form 3 - 11th class)
Yuan Khai: she was in the same class as me in Form 5.
Howe Lann: huh? you were in the same class as her ah?
Me: did she study Form 6 ah?
Me: OH! she got study Form 6~ neh, she got pak tor with Kah Hon!
Sim Wei: haha, why nobody can remember her?

So, we've just solved the mystery.

And another mystery was solved today! Previously, I was reading those advertising magazine called Media Focus. I enjoy reading it because I get to check what food/restaurants/cafes available in Kepong (mainly). Of course, it doesn't talk only about food but also like hair saloons and also diet/slimming products and services.

So I came across at the slimming product for the Nano tech something something... and I noticed this particular girl who looks just like the girl in my Corporate Accounting class! At first I did not know her name. Then during the coming weeks (or maybe days) I overheard her name. Then I referred to the new issue of Media Focus again... Then her name tallied with the name in the ad.

After attending the MIA talk on Qualification Exam (QE) me, Hoong Sheng and Sim Wei were waiting for the bus. Before that I was talking to Victor, then only I approached the both of them. Then Sim Wei jokingly say, Come! we talk bad about ppl~

Straight to the point, they were refering the to girl I've just mention. And then Hoong Sheng said that she went on diet before because she appeared in the ad. He even asked her personally. He damn bat gong. I also paiseh to ask, girls and weight issues, a bit pantang la (especially since I'm not even close to her, got chit-chat a little bit onli).

Today Sim Wei asked whether anybody wanted to join me and her for horror movie - Coming Soon~~ Most of the girls scared to watch ghost movie, then Sherly said she watched with her fren. Classic horror movie, a must watch! She screamed in the cinema LOL!!! We just laughed at her. So today's movie appointment is still pending~~

Hopefully Vin will watch his K-20 on Friday @@ so choosy ="= Luckily yesterday I din overslept and left house early to have lunch with him zzz If not gonna complain that I'm late again. And warned me not to run into his college to return him money wahahahaha.... Coz that day went to makan Korean food with him in Desa Sri Hartamas, he paid the bills first. Then after sending him home then only I realised I forgotten to return him the money. He say I can return the next time we meet. Then when he took off his shoes d then only I run to his house and pass him the money. So yesterday's lunch money I forgotten to return him money again zzz Hutang him a lot of money zzz lost count.

He bought books online and his bill came to RM141, another RM9 then he can have the shipping fees FOC. Then he asked me if I had any books to buy. Since it was only RM9, I thought just buy something cheap.

But I don't know what do I want to buy. Then I was thinking only of manga. Then he replied got Manga you can buy. Asked him how come he knows, lol~ Then he wanted to go to sleep d, kept asking me to hurry up.

Then I was actually looking at marketing books. When he knew about it, he asked me how come I'm not looking at comics? Actually I don't know comic fall under which category LOL~ But I didn't wanted to buy comics from the beginning because it was not only expensive but also because it was in English version ="= I'm already used to having Chinese translated comics. And it only costs me RM4.50 or RM5 per book or even 3 books for RM10. And with membership card, I also have 20% off.

But he sent me the comic link anyway. So end up in a dilemma because there were 2 marketing books on Advertising that interests me @@ Then he was shocked again coz I decided to buy marketing book. I asked for his opinion, which book should I choose? The one which cost RM70 or the one RM40 (rounded up the figures). He said he was also in a dilemma coz both books were interesting. So ended up choosing the cheaper one. Then he sent me the review he found in I told him I don't want books that are too thin. So settled with that cheaper book.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Finally finished midterm~ hopefully just manage to pass for now ="= sigh....

From now me and my brothers have no connections with the family's business anymore. Dad has been trying to pull out from the company for 2 years (according to mum). By the time if me or/and my brothers take over then my cousins would have held most of the money to themselves (and the company might go haywire). If like that, better during the break I go work... or else... I'll be stingy for now XD Meaning I can't be bai kah lui d ="= education fees cannot claim from company anymore.

Just now played GB. Kena gang bang badly ="= what the heck....Just beginning of the game only I've become the opposition team's target. Either 3 vs me or 2 vs me =.= Or else I'm situation between two oppositions =.= Shit.

Happy Birthday Bird Queen~

Monday, April 13, 2009


OMG =.= I just screwed up an easy paper for midterm.... sob sob sob.... NO thanks to NPV and payback period.... shoot! Hopefully I'll be able to score at least of the marks in the short essay part, din really studied ="= Was busy daydreaming and lagi best Kok Jin bought comics home~ Then chit-chat with Vin... =.= called me dumb because of some table lamp and rat topic.

Anyways.... back to the topic.. darn I had to rewrite because suddenly my previous stuff all just disappeared... Shit. This paper that I'm talking about is actually Management Accounting 3. Selva had an extra packet of those Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee, then he passed to me to "belanja" me... is that a bribe for lecturer's evaluation? HAhaha, just kidding because the evaluation was done weeks ago :( Had to turn down the offer because I have a fatal "attraction" to coffee. Damn funny Selva's reaction after he knew I'm not able to consume coffee.

This Friday have to sit for Accounting Theory exam. Shit. Lots of questions to read thru. Damn scared. Imagine have to do some research in order to support my answers. Lecturer say coz theory is plain boring, may not understand what we're actually writing, asked us to put in some example, no matter it's grandma story, grandpa story, mother story, father story, own story, sad story =.=" Can relate then he'll give us marks! Real or not? Why Accounting Theory became Story Telling?

As for my Final Fantasy X XD XD XD I'm just one flight away from Sin yippi~~~ Meaning I can finally finish off the story! But Jin asked me to do some training at Omega Ruins... Damn frustrating when I've finally leveled up so many and got the items then I just died like that on the way to saving game... SOB....Kill my mood. Then I just off the game.