Thursday, August 21, 2008

20th August 2008

Avril Lavinge's Asia - Kuala Lumpur Tour, banned by the PAS Youth, and not supported by the Culture minister. Well, it's not like I cared about Avril's concert. Because of them... no other international artiste would wanna come over to Malaysia and perform =__= What is so sexy about it? No jumping in a ROCK concert? OMG! Puh-lees la.... Jumping is good ok! At least you exercise a bit after standing/sitting a couple of hours there just listening. This is called INTERACTION... stupid =_=" No kissing on stage =.= Damn speechless...

I probably should start planning to save more money... So maybe I'm crazy enough to fly over to some country and catch my fav j-rock groups perform... If I ever have that $$$....

I heard from my guitar teacher than in Germany, the children are taught to respect each and every race/religion in the world. This education system starts off with the kids in Kindergarten. If a German is being caught for being racist, he would be fined! My brother Kok Jin gets picked on once in a while by those stupid Malay students. The absurd thing is that my guitar teacher's children who are studying in Hartamas Secondary School, the Malays told them that because they are non-Muslims, they are deemed to be 'HARAM', so they cannot mix with them...?!!! And I thought Hartamas WAS supposed to be some high class place, and their mindsets should be well, at least, better than the average/poor class. So what if you're god damn rich? What sort of parents are these? To teach their children that they cannot mix with non-Muslims coz they are 'haram'???? They say we are pork eaters, thus we are 'dirty'.

My guitar teacher did not understand the education system here in Malaysia because although he's a fellow Malaysian citizen like me and you.. But he has been spending at least half his life in foreign countries like the European countries. He never knew that Malaysians nowadays (referring to the youngsters) are so racist. He was actually quite shocked to hear the story from me and my brother. He said that if the UN finds out about it, UN has the power to influence other countries to not trade with Malaysia - embargo. We should be patriotic towards country, that's not wrong. But, being a real patriot should not blindly follow wat the government says. Because you want your country to be a better place, not flushing down the drain.

My own updates... Hmm... I'm one of the volunteered group leaders for Famine 30, so I wont be joining as a participant/camper. Adeline (remember the one from foundation?) is also one of the group leaders... for CHINESE camp. I wanted to be in English but, ah well, wat the heck... I dun really mind. Experience is more important. Seems that they lack of group leaders. Swee Boon is also in charge of the Chinese camp. It was quite weird to hear ppl who usually converse in English, now giving presentations in Chinese. I wonder if certs are given to group leaders? I made some friends, like Li Fang from ktar, Rachael from Psyche Dept. Most of the committees were from Psyche Dept. Amanda is going for a trip, so she wont be joining the camp. Awh... Even some couples whom I've seen since in foundation are still standing strong like Chi Lian (sounds like Chi Lam oh~ wahahahha) and Yee Mun (not sure if this is the name.. wahahaha... =.=")

Mr Gooi (FIN204) has decided to extent our assignment deadline because he hasn't finished the assignment areas =_=" And as for MA2... sigh... I've finished one essay questions, another doing about nearly 50%.. Calculations... =_= i think is roughly about 50% also la... but haven't keyed in yet.

Kok Jin's playing Devil May Cry 4... Dante is damn dramatic =_= Espeically the part where he and Agnus were like reciting poetries. Agnus held a skeleton head like Shakespeare. LOL~ Look at the time~ It's late~ Goodnite!

The funniest thing that my brother told me was, his secondary school, SMK DIY (formerly known as Batu 5), was the BEST school in the Sentul zone in 2007. What a big joke! And this year, was selected as... the 2nd.... WORST school in the Sentul zone. Serves them right! It was a lousy school from the start. And all thanks to the so-called smart and dutiful headmistress who has officially retired!

Monday, August 4, 2008

4th August 2008

The MA2 result is out today. Like what I've expected, I got an F for it. My plan of retaking Financial Reporting may be going down the drain after several assumptions in calculating the possible CGPA results I might get. The big problem is that I'm not quite sure how the office calculates my CGPA. Coz it was different from what I counted last sem. The letter won't be arriving any soon, so I dunno what's my current average. Goddammit...

Watched the Asia MTV Awards last night. It's odd that the Favorite Artist in Japan is not included. It had Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, but no Japan?! Or I could have been outdated by the fact that it was never included because I did not watch the previous years of the award. I could say that the winners was easy to guess. Let's say Taiwan category. Show Lo vs big big names like Jolin Tsai. And Show Lo won?! Unbelievable. Jay Chou wasn't nominated either. Show Lo happened to be one of the mini host I dunno watchu call it. Anyways, he stood alongside with Stephenie Sun and Leo Ku in presenting winners for some categories. But his English was short and funny.

Nicholas Teo won Favorite Malaysian Artiste... I thought I heard some grammar mistakes while he was giving his thank you speech. "Without you (fans), I wouldn't be stand here!" .... !!!!??? Unless my ears were deceiving me. But the way he spoke in English, it did not sound very fluent. Linkin Park managed to win too~ Wahahahaha~

PC Fair ended yesterday. This year is a record breaking year. I went to PC Fair 3 days straight =_= First day just look look and take brochures. Went to Hall 1 to 5 straight instead of walking from upstairs. Got stuck in that 5 halls for at least 3 hours =.= yuen wong~~~~ 2nd day managed to be wiser, went up to the meeting rooms and ballroom those exhibitions. Bought a 4gb thumbdrive cost RM46, MP3 with built in 2gb for RM179 + FREE 2gb Micro SD. It's 4GB for only RM179~~~~~ bought both from SanDisk. Bought Kaspersky Internet Security software for RM70 (1 user). Eng Hui's sister was working there, so I went to kacau her and bought the thing from her.

I even saw Joe Ee working there~ I think his job was to just escort the Beijing Olympics mascot, the fire/red color one is wat d ah? Huan Huan? Then I saw other former high school classmates like Chou Sien and Wooi Sing. On the 2nd day I bumped into Jin Seng and his gal. He asked me how I came to KLCC and when he knew I drove there he wanted me to send him back. But in the end I had to tell him to take train back because I had to drive mum back too... My car had 4 people inside d (including me). And luckily he went back first because in the end I left KLCC at 8pm. And that 3 days, mum managed to shop at least RM100 in Isetan. RM5 off the parking~ Yesterday the parking was full that one of the entrance (from Jalan Tun Razak way) was closed. Had to enter from the Jalan Ampang entrance. I can say that I can see many stupid Malaysian drivers who do not understand the simple basic traffic rules. DUN STOP AT THE YELLOW BOX! You're blocking other drivers from going thru la... SHIT! You can't go then can't go la. Wait for the next traffic light!

And the funniest thing happened was I was helping Kok Jin to pull his Edifier speakers back and they gave him a trolley as a free gift. So while I was dragging the trolley, 2 Malay girls asked the security guard how to go to PC Fair. Then I was walking in front of them by the time they were facing towards the car park to go to the convention centre. So one of the silly girl started walking and I was pulling the trolley. Eventually, her feet got run over by the trolley that I was pulling~ wahahahahahha XD XD Of course let me cross first then only you walk ma.... ohohohoho~

Gotta go~ Have to clean the floor and care for little baby Bobo~ Gonna have tea with a very old coursemate. Lols~ Go ahead and guess who's that.