Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I've got another 1400 words to go for assignment.... Just yesterday it was only 200 words. First time doing so much research. I think I don't hate news that much anymore. Maybe because it's not really a business news @@? And the assignment total word count would be 2000 words. 2 questions - 1500 words and 500 words. Hopefully nobody's gonna write my topic of the market gap.

Happy Birthday Khai Shein!

It's almost new year eve!!! Omg omg... I guess I'll go write some new year resolutions for 2009. Wakakaka~ And hopefully the comics I wanted are out in 2009~

Probably after my assignment I'll catch another movie with Jin. And I want my hair to grow longer faster!

A warning letter to U

You - I mean you. YES you.

Stop assuming things about me already as if you knew.

Let it go already.



Saturday, December 27, 2008

Overnite Idol ?

If you noticed, it's our very own Mr Chong Jin Yip~
(Sorry for the bad pic)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas?

I don't feel the Xmas spirit. Everybody's out going countdowns, dinner, movie, pubs. As usual I sit at home. In front of the computer. And had a long chat with a chap from my form 5 class. It's odd that I usually do not hang out with the famous people in my class, instead I hung out with those who are usually being anti by most of the students. Probably because I'm also invisible to most of the people in class.

Result's out. And well, it was okay I guess. Damn lucky I passed the stupid Investment paper~ wee~~~ At least I don't have to see another goddamn AE for now. Hopefully this sem I'll have better results for Financial Reporting. Later Mr Lye dulan me XD

Turned out that the people whom I know who took Wong Wai's Acc203 (mostly) failed or got AE. Amanda got an F, Ks and Pk and Jing Yann F also, Su Tze got an AE. And I heard that Wong Wai is no longer teaching anymore. So it's gonna be hard to appeal since that Wong Wai is not here. I still feel lucky for being able to pass Shenba's Acc203. Or I could be one of those victims.

I feel like assignment is gonna due anytime soon, and I'm still not able to finish reading the stuff that I found for research material. V lend me this "100 Ways to Motivate Youself" by Steve Chandler. I'm not sure it'll have any effect on me after I'm done reading it. Some are interesting, some not so entertaining... LOLs.... I guess my English is bad after all~

Anyways... Merry Xmas people~ I feel so sleepy... Still have class tmr. Sigh. Dreadful.

I think, the conclusion for myself is that - I'm a super boring person.

Thursday, December 18, 2008




Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yesterday (as at 2nd Dec 2008) I joined Sin Ying and the MA3/Accounting Theory gang of people at the last minute for a farewell lunch for Michelle Phang. I was the only one from MA2 class. Feel so paiseh, and sitting next to the lecturer, is somewhat.... nervous? I was the 2nd last to arrive.. yikes @@" Luckily Ah Tuan came later than me, making him the latest! Muahaha... Michelle told him, even lunch also wanna come late. LOLs! Oh ya, we were eating at Shogun @ 1 Utama.

Michelle told me that I passed my MA2~ Well, I had confidence that I would pass this paper. I worked very hard for it! I'm still feeling a little bit frustrated over the mid-term. I'm sure if the lecturer was lenient, I could have passed my mid-term. Sigh. Oh well. Have to blame myself for being too careless. As for Fin204, 50-50 chance, I'm retaking Acc202 before the result is even out yet!

Guess what? If I'm not mistaken, Sin Ying is the top scorer for either Accounting Theory or MA3! Wow.... what a news! Michelle jokingly said that the top scorers for both Accounting Theory and MA3 should buy us lunch instead XD Muahaha~

After that, me and PK had an appointment for facial at Times Square. I was very late because there were too many cars on the road, and also plenty of traffic lights. Parked my car at BB Plaza and quickly walked over to Times Square. PK was already inside while I wait for the beauty consultant to layan me. Asked me some questions regarding my habits and my skin problems. Seemed that my biggest problem was black heads. And she told me I used the wrong cleanser to wash my face. I should have used gel/milk type of cleanser instead of foam. And I should have used those that will moisturize my skin instead of oil control. And... for the first time in my life.. sounds so kua.... I got my eye browns done @@" Oh no.... my eye brown got shape d....

Edit 1: Oh no oh no~ Watase Yuu released her new comic titled "Sakura Gari".. Can't wait for it to release in Malaysia... ought to frequent the comic store for now~ ^^ Must find the old comic collections for manga-ka Sakurakouji Kanoko~

Edit 2: Oh no oh no oh no~ Watase Yuu has another new comic titled "Pandora Cube". Since this is only 68 pages long. It would either release as a complete volume or split into 2 volumes, then additional stories would have to be added inside.

Sakura Gari - Watase Yuu

Black Bird @ 黑鸟恋人 - Sakurakouji Kanoko

This is the book I'm currently collecting. Kyo~ ~ he is a 天狗.