Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Midterm is over for me, and I did badly in the paper again! Oh sigh, I was very careless this time. My time management was bad. Crap! I wonder if I'm ever gonna pass this paper. No eyes see T.T If there was another 20mins time, I think I would be able to finish the paper on time, and probably score some better "lookable" (看得见人) This sem's paper was a lot more easier compared to last sem's. Double crap! Ah well, this week is CSU revision week, a week of for HUC students!

Gosh, September is almost gone now and I'll be busy with my FIN204 assignment again! Due on 11th October I think :S And then my baby Handsome and Angel will be a year old! Happy birthday rabbits! Goddamn Bobo hitting puberty, so he kept humping on my legs =_=" Great playing hide-and-seek with him~ Me and Kok Leong went into hiding behind the curtains and kept teasing him and calling his name, just to confuse him~ Bobo is so cute XD and stupid ="=

Argh! Now only I remembered that I've forgotten to hand in the Trekathon forms! Triple crap ="= I wonder if I could ask someone to do it for me first XD Probably next week then.

I'm loving Relakkuma~ XD


Sunday, September 14, 2008






14 Sept 2008

Time flies, and it's already mid sem. Nothing productive is done. Spent the last 2 weeks gaming, seems like I've got bitten by the gaming bug. Haven't been addictive to online games since, hmm.. the RO era and O2Jam era..

Today youtube-d Raymond Lam Fung, found some clips of people playing the songs on piano! Makes me feel like learning back my piano.. wuwu... To learn or not to learn? I'm such a lazy person, sigh, probably the teacher will be mad at me for either not practicing or not doing theory. I'm still keeping my nails, but not used to it since it became harder for me to sms. But I need my right nails for me to play guitar, left nails should be kept short for easy chord pressing. Shall get a black nail polish these days~ ohoohoo...

Oh well, there's nothing much to report. Been sleeping late and waking up late lately. Seems like I'm halfway to semi-suicide. Dunno wat the hell I'm talking. Gotta remind myself to get the Hep B 2nd jap. Goodnite people~

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Random Post

I love words, more than numbers. Numerical stuff gives me a headache. I hated numbers, but I'm bound to it. The more I hated it, the more it came to haunt me. Believe me, I would rather throw away my calculator or exchange it for a few calligraphy brushes and play with the ink and write nonsense. I keep telling myself I do not want to be an accountant. Despite doing so, I always have job vacancies sent to my email from Jobstreet and another which I've forgotten. Even a simple admin assistant would have to do some accounting work. Dammit! Just like I said. The more I tried to escape, the more they come after me. I won't embrace numbers.

Life is dull here, no doubt. I'm trying to fill my time up. The much anticipated Japanese class, I still haven't inquired anything nor to have the guts to turn in and go up. I had always wanted to turn in, I was just at that lane where I could have just turned in. Oh sigh... I was quite happy the other day because I finally found the HELP Dodgeball Club contacts. The Mister Potato Dodgeball tournament was held @ 1U last Saturday. I had my guitar replacement class at 2.30pm til 3.30pm.

Times Bookshop @ Hartamas Shopping Centre was having a stock clearance sale til 1st Sept. Me and my mum went a few times. And we never seem to get bored of just staring and browsing through the old books. Kok Jin, on the other hand, was kinda frustrated and kept complaining to me that he wanted to go home faster because it was boring to him. He kept wondering why we never seem to get bored despite coming several times to the same book fair.

It might seemed a little odd, but I bought books on 'Test taking secrets' and 'How to Study, 6th ed.' Sounds like I'm desperately trying to find ways on how to improve my studies. But it turned out to be somewhat like the study skills subject I had in foundation. But I'll still read them anyways. Maybe I'll be able to discover something which I do not know... yet! Even had tips for cramming, LOLs!

Today I found out that, our damn degree cert doesn't include Year 1's CGPA. Darn it! I have 2 Bs there! Since now the deal is that all year 3 and 5 best year 2 subjects would be taken into the computation of CGPA, I only have 1 B and another 4 C+ or C subjects to account for in year 2. I'm starting to fear year 3 subjects. And I can see that Accounting Theory, again, taught by Michelle Phang (sigh!) is so boring! And the text are hard to understand. I hate history. I hate numbers. And this is a combination of both. All I can say is... DARN IT!

I'm keeping my fingernails long for the past 2 weeks? I'm quite aware of what harm it could bring me. 2 attempts of this has traumatised me a little bit. Remember my broken nail? Sign.. I even purposely put the transparent nail polish just so that it makes my nails harder and less vulnerable. I'm feeling hungry now =_= But I mustn't eat!

A greedy person can't get a lot of things done. I think I'm one. A lazy person can't accomplish anything. I think I'm categorized under this. Sometimes, I wished I was in a language school or something. I would rather learn Bahasa Malaysia if I have to. Want me to write essays? I'm glad to, although it could fry my brain. I'm still angry at UiTM for being such a racist public uni. Allowing a small quota of non-Malays to enter their goddamn uni will make such a fuss until they had to have a protest! Argh! Who needs them anyway? If we can accept non-Chinese to study in an independent Chinese school, then why can't they allow non-Malays to get into their stupid uni? Closed-minded.

I feel like getting a part-time job too. But I dun think my dad would allow. And I dun think I would have the heart to carry on with my studies either. Already I'm half-hearted in my studies. I expect myself to fail more in the future. I doubt I can graduate next year. After all, I'm not gonna be some big shot in the future. Oh, but I read in Hannah Tan's website, that she would want volunteers for some event. I'm not sure of the job scope but it's gonna be in September.. or October =_=" Sports carnival is finally on (soon)! I'm interested in the volleyball one, but... :( I'll shall just forfeit that. I shall wait for the bowling one instead! Wahahaha... I don't think I play very badly in that =_=" Maybe except that I do not strike that pose while err... releasing the ball? LOLs....