Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Happy

My god... The results for last semester has finally released... Luckily for Asian Entrepreneurship I got a super lucky B-. I was so worried because I wasn't doing good during the finals. Luckily I managed to pass... Phew... what a relief... Thank you Mr. Kishen~ I love you so much! XD XD XD I shall hide your photo inside my phone as well.... The financial reporting that I retake last sem also got a B-~ oh... work harder for Year 3.. hiup!

Yesterday pick Vin up from his house. The evil thing woke up at 12pm and just finished brushing his teeth when I told him I've arrived. I tried to get some eye shut in the car since I slept at 4 something due to thinking too much during bedtime =_=" Vin got in the car and told me he slept at 4am because the mosquito kacau him... LOL~ Funny fella since I did not say I agreed to go out with him in MSN.

So we for lunch... I was starving since I woke up since 10 something and tht fella happily slept til noon... Take him go to bank and then went for ban mee at Taynton. He told me that ban mee was famous and I didn't know until he showed me the way. Last time I ate there once when I was still working for G2. I ordered everything opposite of what he ordered. Kon lou vs qing tong, iced leung shui vs hot leung shui.
(I ordered the latter)

Then we were slightly lost while finding our way to Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock since I wasn't sure of the road to S&M Shopping Arcade centre. Suddenly. A turning does make a lot of difference =.=" So we found it and got ourselves a parking. The parking lot was kinda creepy, dim lights and the slope to go do the next level was so small and sudden. Not to mention even the parking space is small. The stairway was dirty and stinky. I feel so disgusted to walk since there are plenty of unidentified stains. Took the lift to level 3 and ta-daa~ destination.

I hung out at the comic shop while Vin went to get his Xbox. Then there were insufficient games to choose from, Vin agreed to wait and hang around until the additional stock arrive. We were walking in many circles in order to pass time. Went into some of the shops and look at the cd and talked about games and animes. Vin kept looking at his watch and then just when we decided to go back to the shop to request for game testing, then the stock arrived d. Selected his games and he wanted a particular game so badly because can play piano. But lucky for him behind this shop was another game shop and they had the cd. For the first time I saw Vin's handwriting. Even Soo Wen's handwriting was nicer to read.

And the most funniest thing was when we arrived at his house, he asked me to drive my car "butt" facing his gate so that he can carry his xbox down more efficiently (this one is a lazy person's excuse.. dun wanna walk so much)... wth... He even tested me whether I know the exact way to his house or not =.=" Yerr... He say let me touch the Xbox, in the end also din even invite me to open ceremony the Xbox with him... wuwu.... ungrateful thing.

Vin's new nickname : Putera Lilin

Kok Leong bought PSP today! Grr... me and Jin saving money to buy Nintendo DS... oh no.... Better not let Pk and Sin Ying know.. later come to the house just to play that =.="

Sunday, February 15, 2009

On Valentine's

Wow, within two days I've bumped into a lot of people. I consider it's a lot la...

13th Feb at Mid Valley
- Form 2 classmate Yih Der
- Primary school gang Jin Seng and his girl

14th Feb at Monorail and Low Yat
- RO fellow gamer Pcomet/Hong Ann from Pahang (monorail) > he probably forgotten about me but I kept staring at him and he saw me as well... too bad then, I think I met him during form 5?
- Leon, my ex-supervisor from G2
- Yit Meng's 2nd elder sister

Leon and Yit Xian (dunno her english name) appeared just a few seconds in between @.@"

Spent half the day with my cousins. Firstly we went to The Ship to have lunch. First time go in already left me some bad images. Then accompanied my cousin bro to Low Yat to register for his P1 W1max a/c. After that again helped him to choose a router for his modem. Then we went for a drink of soya bean and head to the arcade in Low Yat.

Jalan Ipoh was so jam. I took at least 30 mins to reach my cousin's house. And since his neighbor organised a Valentine's Day dinner, my cousin insisted that I join in with Kok Jin. I refused at first because I'm not yet their neighbors coz I haven't moved into the new neighborhood yet. But anyway my cousin told my mum that I will follow him for dinner.

I felt so embarrased to come uninvited but went to greet the owners anyway. The nice uncle and aunty asked me to go ahead and eat after knowing that I would be their future neighbors. Had luk luk for dinner. Their eldest daughter only aged 15 is even taller than me =_=" Definitely at least 165cm. Then helped my cousin sis with her maths topic - Logarithm, a topic that I myself could not understand at all during form 3 (and even went tuition for it but since only I don't know in the class, so I gave up) can now understand after just by reading the darn examples. Wtf... And I even forgotten that we only started using scientific calculators in Form 4. I asked my cousin to pass me her calculator. Paiseh.... Maths isn't that bad suddenly. Just for this moment only. Felt that it was easier than accounting zzz

Saw a lot of Malays today. Doing all the crazy stuff in public. So wu liao.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day people!

I'm a very happy person now, although it might not last long. But it was probably the best Valentine's gift to myself. My heart feels so much lighter now. I think I won't be able to sleep tonite :S Don't know where I got the courage to say so much things tonite. But it certainly feels good.

I think I just screwed up my MGT204 assignment. Shit. I also screwed up for the exam. Double shit now. I just hope it's enough to pass me. Bless me.

So sleepy. Goodnite!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


translated: "there is no 100% in a partner, only 50% of two persons"

I was actually touched by this line. It was a pm in my dear Belle Belle's MSN.

Hmm, yesterday's Financial Reporting exam went pretty smooth. I was actually surprised by myself that I was very calm. I wasn't rushing, just doing at a constant pace. But after the exam I only realised I made some careless mistakes (maybe I should have read the exercise notes as well.. argh)... I also saw Sim at the exam hall! The luckiest thing that happened in the exam hall was that there was no electicity! The lights went out not long after the exam begin at 8am. Lecturers had to open the windows so that the light can come in (not to mention some air or else we'll probably suffocate).

Mr Lye stood not far from me. I was actually done with my paper before 10am. By 8.40 I was actually half way through my third question. But I hang on because I didn't wanted to leave my theory questions blank. So he looked at me and gave me his evil smile as usual =_=" Then I was struggling to write how and why is it a Finance Lease. So I looked at him. He came towards me and looked at my answers. I told him softly, "Nah, I only left this". Back to his evil smile then he went behind. Finally I submitted my paper and went to toilet.

Congrats to PK who finally has someone new interested in her. Had to cancel my music class at the last minute (more like hour) because I had stomach aches. Probably something I ate during lunch because I had the urge to go after lunch (before I could even leave the restaurant). So I flew home with PK in the car. Then we went to Leisure Mall to get comics =_=" Kok Jin ate his A&W there. Didn't really liked the outlet there because the food and service wasn't as good as the one in 1U (I think?????) maybe there were lack of customers. So by the end of the day I went to toilet 4 times. And Kok Jin told the music centre that I had food poisoning zzz So he could skip class as well.

Went for a drink with Kai Zun, my neighbor Kai Bin and Bryan. Ai Leng came later during midnite. First time I got a hug from Kai Zun, so I was shocked for a while since I do not get hugs from guys. Since it was a friendly hug, no harm done. We laughed at him because he is going to start Year 1 around 23rd Feb. Kinda curious about his major since his dad is a doctor and he was forced to take up medicine. But now he's gonna do Chemical Engineering. Ah well.... 4 years to complete the course. 26 years old.... hmm.... he was embarrased but he said he didn't mind because it's recession now anyway.

Bryan shoot Kai Zun because he came back to KL for over a month, but he's leaving on Friday, Tuesday only asked us out, what was the meaning of all this! Haha, the funniest part was that I contacted Bryan for the yam cha thing because KZ didn't have his number. Bryan went berserk XD XD Goddamn funny! Then KZ checked his phone and found Bryan's number inside... WAHAHHAA! So we had some photos together. Too bad Shanna's in Puchong. Sigh.... Since Ai Leng came so late, Kai Bin and Kai Zun went for 2nd round with her while me and Bryan had to leave.

Expecting a very important email these few days zzz The interview email is still not sent back to me... I'm kinda scared because I have to submit my assignment on the day of the exam. And worst, the exam is at 12.30pm zzz Hopefully the fella will be VERY KIND enough to reply me by tmr or at least on Friday morning T.T I even sent the fella a reminder email regarding the interview :( Just less than 20 mins to complete the interview, I think it's not too far gua... I better keep my fingers crossed.... Wuwu.....

Valentine's Day is coming in a week's time. Hmm... Sin Ying will probably celebrate with her new bf then.. wakakaka~ As for us, stay at home lo. Maybe watch a movie with Jin.. ohohoho~

I received an sms from Seok Mun, my ol' buddy in Standard 6, saying that she'll be changing number. Seems like she's trying to avoid an old flame of hers. How sad.