Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not so motivated after all...

Exams are starting in 2 weeks times. I am very lazy to study. I was quite motivated to study a few days ago but due to the environment that I'm in. Well, let's just say that I end up watching my brother playing PS2. And I've finally bought a new FFX cd. Coz the 1st cd was so cacat that the game got stuck whenever I defeated Sin's Spawn.

Hot weather, makes me feel sleepy. After exam..... must bowl!!!!! grr..... Oh, the mic damn cacat. Kok Jin used my mic and he had no problem with it in Meetoto. But why couldn't I use it for MSN? Double Tsk!

I think I really have to lock myself in some empty room whether there's only a table and a chair with lotsa pretty stationaries. Then maybe I'm able to focus. =___=" I'm only motivated to study because of my friend. If not, =__= I think I would be lazying around til next week baru nak baca, tapi pada masa tu dah lewat ni. So hard to find something to motivate me to study. And the simple reason why he's my motivation is because he's good in his studies == Dun feel like being left out zzzzz. Silly excuse right?

Good luck to those in UQ, since ur exams will start before us.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Like the Wind

You're like the wind,
Come as you like,
Go as you wish,
Leaving no trails

I'm like the tree,
Easily shaken,
But rooted to the ground

Whenever you come by,
I danced to your rhythm,
You easily showed
Your warmth, your gentleness,
Your rage, your sadness

The fallen leaves
Are the evidence of your journey
That's where I know
You came and gone

The Islam body is really getting over the top! Dressing up is one of the rights of humans! I don't see any reason why a girl has no rights to dress up like a boy. Hey, when girls dressed up in short skirts, you say people dressed up too sexy and attract rapists. Now girls dressed up like boys and you say we lose our femininity. And claim to go against human nature or the Islam law, watever law. Wat the heck? I thought Islam like to claim that skin must not be shown.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Blues

You won't know that I've cried
Because you can't see the tears,
You can't hear the weepings

You won't know that I'm in pain
Because you can't see them,
Neither can you feel them for me

You won't know that I've tried hard
Because you can't see them,
And you're not bloody interested to know

You won't know that I treasure you
Not because you can't see it,
But you choose to ignore it

You won't know anything
Not because I did not tell you
Not because you did not understand
It's because you weren't really listening

I'm not you
You're not me
I'm feeling all fed up
And you're feeling all frustrated and annoyed

I wonder how those very emo/gothic ppl write bad poetry XD probably try in my next entry.. kekeke

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hello, it's me again~ I'm not really busy, you could say that I'm very free (because I'm totally bad at time management!). Anyways, it's rainy season in Malaysia now. So you either see rain or get caught in the rain, E-V-E-R-Y-Day~ Sien hor like that? Good weather with all the sun shine and nice blue sky, suddenly just a little grey clouds here, a little gloomy there, hiup~ you get long hours of rain the whole evening (and maybe til nite time) =___=

I like to remind myself of how the time really flies by =__= Not to mention that it's close to November!! End of the year ="= Another year of nothing being accomplished. Oh well, so it's ZiXian's turn to celebrate her birthday in Aus~

Today I finally had the guts to talk to 2 hunkies from Germany and Finland. Both of them are exchange students and they are only in HELP for this sem. And soon they'll be leavin, duh, coz this sem is almost a rap! I actually saw them the first time in Trekathon. The Finland guy won, i dunno, 2nd? 3rd? And he's tall! Actually just had a small chat with them coz I was actually accompanying KS to wait for Lily (the Vietnamese girl from Foundation). We waited and waited until it almost rained =__= She is clumsy beyond clumsy =_= Or so to say, she's quite slow (Chi Dun).

Apparently, Ms Lily got locked out because her roommate had forgotten to pass her back the keys. So she couldn't go into the house at all, and she couldn't change into her formal wear. So me and KS was waiting at the HELP bus-waiting-place from 12:15pm onwards til around 1:40pm =___= And the way to KL is jam today. Dunno why. It's jam everywhere today. And I was late for class, all thanks to the stupid jam which started from the overhead bridge from Jalan Ipoh to Jalan Duta (Hockey stadium or Wisma Hasil something something or entrance to Sri Hartmas/WP mosque). And because of this, I had to park my car so far away... again, all the way back. Tsk! And it was only 9:10am. Late for class, what to do. Dammit....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Humans are despicable. I must protect my pets. I must earn lotsa money and buy a big house with a big empty space to accommodate them! Wait for me!


Friday, October 3, 2008

Jrock craze

Have the urge to dye my hair~ ~ And after watching some Jrock videos, omg~ I love their outfits, the jacket, the shoes, the hair style.. omg omg~ Maybe when I have the free time I'll go to the Lala-Land - Sungai Wang and hunt down those clothes~ The oversized sweater Gackt wore in his live performance for the song "Last Song".... so cute XD XD XD The whole set of outfit tht Miyavi wore in his "Are You Ready To Rock" PV... the shoes~~~~ I want one! The jacket~~~ I must have it ~.~ I think I went crazy d... @.@

This is a video of Gackt... damn cute.. and funny XD Have to watch it for urself. Please do wait patiently ^^ Lately the streamyx line is getting more terrible... teruk teruk.. play game halfway also get DC and got death penalty because of it :(