Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm a quiet person at heart. Nobody believed. LOL.

Talking a lot became a habit after I entered college.

I'm still a shy person who needs time to get warmed up.

I think my English grammar is deteriorating.


I think I've talk too much nonsense.

I always talk out of the topic.

For the first time I hear people telling me that I'm a smart person.


This is my first semester in college being so interactive in classes.

First time lecturers remembering my name.

First time being asked many times to answer questions in tutorial.

First time taking the new students for a campus tour. Totally calm.

In college for 4 years (coming to 5).

Oh sigh.

Old already.

Happy graduating people :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A day with Wiley

First of all, I managed to pass the Community Outreach Society (COS) interview, and I'm now a member of 2009 COS 4th Batch XD A lil' intro on COS. Basically, it's the Projek Langkawi sponsored by MCA. Members of COS would choose a Chinese-based Kampung Baru (新村 / xin cun) or new village (for a direct translation). The meeting was yesterday.

I had to leave the meeting early (supposed to have a little discussion with our respective group members and supervisor) because Vin (I think he is very anxious~ so am I) wants to take our (ok la.. actually is his. I'm just the kai ma) little Wiley to go for vacination and deworming. But we went to the Petsmore outlet in Connaught and bought some cat stuff like litter crystals (instead of sand), cat shampoo, a toy rat (not many choices to choose from) and a Salmon treat for it. I really doubt that Wiley can even appreciate treats because he's only like 1+ month. Damn small and sibeh cute XD

The vet says that Wiley is in good health, yeah~ so Connaught has vet and petshop, good. We don't even need to travel to Taman Segar, although it's also near his house. One road out and we reach Leisure Mall d ="=

So went back to his house, cut Wiley's nails. At first he did the cutting and I try to hold Wiley down. But Wiley was struggling badly and crying non-stop. So I just sat on the floor and he was on the couch, either watching tv or researching on cat training/maintenance. He let me do the nail cutting. Said I was so slow in cutting Wiley's nail. When I first cut the nail Wiley was quiet. He was wondering why Wiley was so quiet. LOL. Maybe he's jealous XD

Then not long later Wiley was making noise again. I just let him go walk around then held him again to cut his nails. Suddenly, I smelled something stinky then I checked if Wiley pooped. Nothing in sight, so I continue to cut. I dunno izzit because I cut his nail too deep, then suddenly he was screaming giler (not his usual cry!) then there was foul odor.

OMG =.= really deep shit. Wiley pooped on my skirt ~!@#$%^&*() Vin's grandma was at the dining area preparing the vegetables. But I think she did not notice the poop on my skirt. I screamed "VINCENT!!!!" Then he just looked down from the sofa. Told him to get tissues for me. And he was laughing frantically. He asked me if I needed any shorts to change. Stupid thing kept asking me if if the poop is really stinky !@#$%^&

So I stayed in the toilet busy cleaning off the poo. Sigh. And he only washed Wiley's butt. And busy laughing in the meantime. Kept teasing me that Wiley will poo on me again. WTH? By the time I finished cleaning my skirt, it looked like I've actually pee-d on my skirt except that the front of my skirt is wet instead of the back zzz

His grandaunt and grandmother are damn funny ladies! His grandaunt/姨婆/yi po kept asking Vin why take the kitten to the vet din take the grandmother along to give her injection. His grandmother asked, "You think what? I'm some sort of animal ah?" His grandaunt replied,"You're a female pig" LOL!! Then the grandaunt kept talking about giving injections to the grandmother. Since grandaunt is skinny and grandma is fat, grandaunt kept saying give herself a "fat injection" and give the grandma a "skinny injection". Damn cold.

Vin offered me his grandma/grandaunt (forgotten who cooked) tom yum fried meehoon. I was thinking, shit, I don't even eat tomyam. But since he scooped out for me and even asked me whether if I eat bean sprouts (he knows I hate vege and tries to force me to eat more vege). Not long later, his brother finally came out from the computer room and asked where's the remaning tomyam fried meehoon. Actually I didn't hear what his brother asked grandma one. It was Vin who told me. No wonder his brother and grandma looked at me (somemore used finger and point at me). I also feel paiseh because I know his brother is going for Accounting tuition (Vin say his brother dun even know basic double entry).

Actually I damn paiseh to stay in his house for so long since his whole family is there. No wonder he's always telling me house very crowded, don't let me enter to house even if I wanna borrow toilet zzz Yesterday only I realised I'm just as tall as him mum. I thought she was shorter since she's small size and I always see her from far. His father tall and has a big tummy. Vin even asked me how come his dad din call me salesgirl anymore.

Vin also very obtuse one. When we were in the car, he asked me if I had anything to do at nite. I said no besides going home to sleep. Then he din say anything after that.Then during the evening in the house, my cousin bro called me up and asked me if I wanna watch movie which starts at 9pm since my brother finishes tuition at 7.20pm. I said ok lo. So we decided to watch Wolverine. Then when I hang up baru that Vin ask me izzit I'm gonna watch movie and with whom I'm gonna watch with. Then only he say,"Then cannot watch Night At The Museum 2 d lo?" I told him if he wants I can cancel the movie date with my cousin and my bro and watch with him instead since until 6.15pm I was still at his house. He said nvm and will watch on Monday. Sampat thing.

And thanks to Kerinchi Link, from HELP to Connaught is only 20 mins away. Paying a total of RM2.00 for 2 tolls.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Phew~ Finally, no more assignments for this sem. And sadly, Shenba's Acc302 mid-term is on Thursday! Boooo.... Acc301 and Acc304 have already finished the syllabus, just left Shenba's I suppose.

Yesterday was supposed to be a day for me to sleep after submitting the assignment since Selva was on his Vietnam teaching trip. But Steven Liew had to have replacement on this day zzz. So we had a class photo, how nice! But the girls were all standing in front of me. What is wrong with them? As if like the other side dun have space for them to stand. So I ended up standing at the back with Hoong Sheng and I had to stand on my tip-toe zzz. Maybe I should have sat with the lecturer after all, sigh. The last chapter is very difficult and critical.

So after class went to watch Star Trek with Vin at Leisure Mall. Only had shared portion of popcorn and coke for lunch. Din really had the appetitte to eat anything, maybe because I'm too tired. Actually I've already watched Star Trek with Shanna and her cousin, ZenXiong aka Henry in 1U last Saturday. Even before that Shinjuku I've watched with Jin, then watched one more round with Vin in Pavillion. Poor thing din managed to watch his K-20 because it was either showing at the time we're having classes or it's late night, which I couldn't go out at all :(

Kok Leong should be coming back today from his Redang-Perhentian-Lang Tengah 3days-2nights trip. His stupid Bobo is giving me a hard time to sleep, considering my bed is small and I have books and jackets on my bed. And all Bobo did was busy walking and biting his milk bone in the middle of the night when I've already off the lights. His nails are making a of noise ="= And at 5.30am he was begging me to carry him up onto the bed to sleep. Maybe he didn't like the floor afterall.

My guitar teacher has started preparing me and Kok Jin for next year's Grade 3 exam which is held on April, and Grade 5 on August. Kok Jin can do better than me, because he practices more than me and he has the advantage of playing guitar. What's that that he has but I don't?

Longer fingers.

So he doesn't have much difficulty reaching frets. Unlike me, my fingers break d also may not reach that particular note or fret. ="=