Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July 2008 Updates!

Today is officially the first day of my new sem. My financial reporting got AE :( So I've wrote in to the dept so that they cancel my AE (meaning I'll fail the paper automatically). I've got too many Ds in my result d, have to work hard for this paper because it isn't hard. But hopefully I'm able to score well in my mid-term as well as my finals.

Rumor has it that for our last sem, MA2 got 70% of the class failed. Til today, MA2 results are still pending because CSU has not sent back the results yet. Stupid CSU !@#$%^&* But anyhow, I have the answer in my heart, I know I've submitted almost a blank answer sheet.

And also, I'm taking part in this year's Famine 30. Unfortunately, PK and KS are not going. KS said her body cannot take it if she starves. Then PK wanted to take part at first, but decided not to go because she wanted to work for the Celcom roadshow. So.... oh well, I have to get myself a new sleeping bag, because I never had one.

Hmm... last Saturday was my Chinese birthday, lols~ I've found someone who is one day older than me~ that is Belle~ my colleague. She's Jenny's "wife". I laughed at her when she came to work for the first time because my chow chow dog happens to share the same name as her. Luckily she stays in Jinjang, but her house, to me it's like a maze =_="

Oh, and college has changed, just within that 1 month. From now on, no more free stapler and bullets provided for assignments. Apparently, some very f**king students stole them. Aunty Helena was quite pissed about it when she told me. So, please staple your assignments first before bring it to college for submission. Level 2 is also currently undergoing some renovations. KS told me the level 4 staff room in Wisma HELP is no longer staff room! So where did they moved to?

Oh yeah, I was browsing the notice boards until I came upon.... a very silly/weird contest...... It's called.... "Mini Skirt Contest" =_= Of all contests! What's it about you wonder? Basically just to find some chics who are willing to show off their proud legs with their mini skirts. Too bad this contest is over, if not I would really like to see how the stupid contest goes. And there is also the Paintball Tournament coming up! It's on August 2nd. Don't think I'll be able to go. What made me sad was I saw a little notice where this particular programme will pick 67 people for training to work in the advertising industry! That's what I want!!!! What a bummer as the registration is closed and training is 6 months long. Sad................. I think have to go through interview as well.

Finally done my student ID. The happy thing about it is that I don't have to pay a single cent because I produced my police report. Besides that, I get to snap a new pic! Better to snap new one because like tht people will know that bloody bastard is using my old student ID! The bad thing is that... The stupid photo is blur when it's printed onto the card. CACAT!!!

Tmr can go apply a Helpmail because exam dockets will be emailed to us and we have to print them ourselves from now on. I'm still thinking what to write in because I haven't been updating the blog :s But I guess.. That's all for now then... Til then... jyane~

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sui Dou Tit Dai

Tmr, I shall go settle my new IC and my ATM card. Thinking whether or not to change to the new debit card... And I'm not sure whether I need to pay for the new ATM card or not... sad :( Luckily one of the nearest place to renew IC is at Maju Junction, or else I have to travel to the far away land eg. Shah Alam to make a damn IC. Coz dad's friend's wife work there. Then later ask mum to ask the driving school whether can renew the license thru them or I have to personally go all the way to JPJ myself :(

Felt that it's just plain bad luck. Today I accidentally dropped PK's iPod Touch onto the floor =_= Frightened me I quickly went to check on the thing, and no sounds came out =.= I thought I spoiled the speaker but actually need earphone one =.= Shit... made me so scared to tell PK...

Kla~ Manpreet's birthday present, I still haven't get. Wait til I get my atm card first la...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Total Bad Luck 16th June 2008

Boo hoo :( I'm working part time in Wisma Genting. So I travel through and fro by monorail and LRT. So as usual, I would take the monorail back to Titiwangsa and then from there take LRT back to Sentul to my car.

So... here's how the story goes. PK wanted to go visit her fren who had just given birth in a hospital located near Chow Kit Road. So she decided to follow me back to my house, and then in the monorail, she asked whether I would like to go to Mutiara to visit the comic shop~ Of course I say ok~ So we were chatting in the monorail, then!!!! I noticed a Malay/Indonesian guy had stood next to me, and my darn bag was facing him (my back facing him), so I felt like my bag was being touched or I was feeling paranoid. Or maybe the train was quite bouncy sometimes so I thought it was the train. Then I saw that Malay/Indonesian guy left the train. And I did not bother to check my bag but I was feeling quite uneasy. The minute I stepped out from the monorail in Titiwangsa station, I quickly checked my bag and noticed that my zip was opened! And that my wallet is missing....SOBSOBSOB...!!!!!

PK had to accompany me to Sentul police station and since that was the nearest station nearby. So.. the police asked me to park opposite road and walk back to the police station =_= Dammit... Then I was told to go up to the 2nd floor and fill in a form regarding my missing IC, and later lodge my report downstairs. I went upstairs and damn it was small =_= The hallway was like onli enough to put 3 chairs =_= Unbelievable... And there was this guy who was standing in front of me, he blocked the right entrance, had me thinking if there was only the left road which had a paper sticked on writing "Pejabat Pegawai Jenayah" I was thinking, so kua cheong meh? Just wanna fill in form for missing IC need to go til Jenayah meh? Then suddenly there was this sergeant who suddenly walked to the room on the right =_= Damn zha dou....

I din know tht I'm required to bring other documents to proof that I'm me! What the heck?! I came to lodge report straight from work, you want me to travel back all the way to my house and get some document to prove I'm me? You gotta be joking! I drove from Sentul LRT to Sentul Police Station short distance also had to get caught up in the jam! And imagine me traveling back to my home and come back, how long must I stuck in the jam to reach the darn police station? So I had to call up the bank to cancel my ATM card... Then PK said I can upgrade my plain ATM card to Debit Card @.@ But I dun wanna waste my money just like tht lo.

Then I went back down and lodge my report. The policewoman who typed my report, I felt she was slightly... incompetent. The guy police came and insist in my report by asking me questions so that it would be easier to make the report. The policewoman, I dunno izzit her BM is poor or what. She had to edit one same sentence for a few times =_= Even used the wrongly word and let the policeman corrected. Quite zha dou.... =_= Anyways, it's my first time entering the police station after staying there for so many years.

Just for nothing, I lost my IC, driver's license, ATM card, Bonuslink card, Jusco card, Popular card, 2 comic membership cards, 2 movie tickets which I would collect, my HELP student ID also gone! Argh!!! Even my doctor's name card also just gone like that! Luckily I saved the number in my handphone. Some receipts inside, my bank receipt!! OH NO! That indicates how much I have inside the bank lo... Yer.... =_=" Like that, I need around RM300 to settle my IC fine which is RM70, renewal of driver's license, and RM10 for student ID... wuwu.... And I wanna get a new bag! I dun wanna carry this bag of mine anymore.

Can only say bad luck. And I shall try to be more careful in the future, especially in public transport. That's what I hate about it. Unsafe for passengers. Sigh.... Now I can finally buy the chains which I have been looking fwd to buy... someday.... =_=

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Not So Optical Illusions

As you can see, the order of the pics are to viewed from bottom to the top. But the lazy author of this blog doesn't not wish to arrange the pics accordingly or else her eyes will go blind by doing so. Why did I snap so many of these you may ponder. One simple reason - Nothing Else Better To Do.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Long Entry Ahead!

It's July. And another 2 or 3 weeks, classes will commence once again. My working life will end again. It's time to attend boring lectures and face the dull nor interesting textbooks. Bon Odori is this Saturday, unfortunately I'm not going this year. Since guitar class has been scheduled this Saturday evening. Kok Jin would be going to the festival, and mostly I would be home. In the year before a bunch of silly girls went to Bon Odori together. Last year, kinda missed out because I was working. And this year, it feels weird to go with only with Kok Jin and his friends.

I shall just go thru wat happened within these few days.

Last Friday me and PK took a day off to attend the farewell activities. We had our last sing k session with Soo Wen and ZiXian. We sang from before noon til 3pm. Then we went to take sticker photos together. It is my first time with college mates. And it would be silly for me to keep playing with it too because it's expensive. The machines were so canggih that I didn't know how to edit the photos XD I'm so ulu~ Then we had to rush back to Klang to prepare the BBQ ingredients. NEVER GO TO GIANT! Their food seriously sucks. We bought about 48 pieces of chicken wings. And most of it went to waste because the meat couldn't be fully cooked despite cooking it for a very long time. And thanks to Khai Shein who said that she could eat 2 persons' share of chicken wings. Yeah right. So the lesson of the story is, do not trust what Khai Shein says about her eating 2 persons' portion of food and do not go to Giant!

You may wonder, what the heck is wrong with the food we bought from Giant? The chicken wing turned purple! You dare to eat chicken wings which are injected? Would you even dare to eat a purple colored meat? No right? But I accidentally ate one =_= I thought it was the blood but I also felt scared to eat. The packet of mini cocktails that we bought were hard and it wasn't close to having the "QQ" texture. The packet of sotong balls, dkl said that it tasted like flour instead. Thus, it's good to buy something branded to eat although it is costly. The only edible stuff was the cheese mini cocktail and the crab stick. Know what? I think I made a pretty good crab stick on sticks XD

While we were eating, an Indian boy suddenly fell off from his bicycle. He cried. Just when we wanted to open the gate, a Malay guy on a motor came to carry him up. The Indian boy just cried and went home with his bicycle. Not that I'm cold hearted or anything. But the way he cried was damn funny >_< So we stayed the night in Khai Shein's house. Sin Ying and ZiXian suddenly got hyped up during bedtime. PK so beh tahan and she asked how come she will know such crazy ppl. And djl snored very loud, he's probably drained because he had class in the morning then only he rushed to 1U for the sing k session. And he sped back to DJ to drop Soo Wen home and then rush backed to Banting here. And we finally got to have a look at Sin Ying's mum's yoga centre. We went to her house to marinate the chicken wings and all.

Because of ZiXian everyone woke up late. Her alarm woke us up and yet she went back to bed! Her alarm snoozed 2 times I think and PK thought it was her phone XD XD She can really sleep dead. A normal person would wake up immediately upon hearing the alarm. But NO! Not ZX, she can sleep thru the alarm and we had to wake her up so that she turn it off. Then PK scolded her that if she doesn't plan to wake up that early, pls don't set the alarm. So we clean up and went for Bak Kut Teh as brunch. On the way back got police road block. But they weren't doing their jobs lo. Just stood there facing the other direction instead of looking at the cars. Because KL was kinda messy with all the PKR rally and stuff.

My car got tinted again! RM1000.... with anti-break. But my car looks much more brighter now compared to the old tint, which Alex (dad's ex-salesman) cheap tint broke 4 of my heater lines behind X( So I can only use the wiper now.

I want to complain about the Monorail! It made me almost couldn't make it to KLIA yesterday! Cacat Monorail has been having technical problems since Monday! Monday's one was so severe that trains stopped in every station. So the train was full of people. And I heard from my colleague that hers in KL Sentral got a Malay lady fainted due to suffocation I guess? Cos lack of oxygen? And another colleague was stranded in the Monorail with the doors closed. What? Air con where got enough for the train which is small and packed? Today I took 2 hours to get home?! WTH?! I couldn't get in the monorail, so I waited at Raja Chulan station for an hour. And I was fed up because it was getting late. And slim chance that I would be able to get into the next train. So I decided to walk to Bukit Nanas station and wait for the darn monorail. Damn those passengers kept pushing and pushing til there's no space for the people to come out from the train. So eventually, I think I've missed about at least 5 trains. Or maybe more than that. People had to line up til the stairs somemore lo. So kua cheong lo! I got stuck in between 2 fat women.

Shell's current contest got extended. Instead of ending it at July 28th. It's gonna extend til September. But Shell will be changing the contest form to exclude the grand prize winners. The amount of cash to be won by the end of the promotion is RM17,000!!! And a petrol card worth RM3,000! And this week's grand prize the cash winnings is only RM11,000. Every week increased by RM2,000. If I strike that much of money, I don't know what I'm gonna do with it. So it leaves with the 700 consolation prizes with a petrol card worth RM300. Still help to save a bit of money lo.

Manpreet's birthday is next Saturday, my brother's finals end at next Saturday, my friend's college is have dotA competition next Saturday. So happening? But I haven't get her a present yet. I'm too busy to go out shopping. Maybe I'll try weekends. But I dunno wat to get her.

I felt bad when Soo Wen left because I wasn't able to accompany her to visit the batting cages after all the talking. And Mage cafe I only went once with her. Once is never enough! Next time nobody to teman me play ping ping pong pong. Nobody to speak English with in college. And I didn't manage to snap photo with Yung Hui, May Yoong, Jordan, Siu Fai, Winnie. Sigh, if only... The darn monorail did not have stupid technical problems which wasted precious time. Thought wanna have a last photo of the students from foundation.

Well, Wan Yian, if you're reading this, pls say hi to the gang for me ya;) And I wanted to snap photos with them.. wanted to catch Yung Hui snap photo but I saw a man (was it her dad?) taking photos for them, so.... :( When wanna find May Yoong, she was already going down =.=" I thought Sylvia wasn't going to UQ. Probably changed her mind the last minute.

Sampat ZiXian, pls don't wake up late for classes there d la. And PK very "dum" when you get onto the plane and take off.

Minna-san, it's winter so... Stay Warm ;)

Guess who's DIRTY feet is this?