Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday =__=

Today's Good Friday, so is it Easter? Anyways. After class, the girls asked me whether I wanna go to mid valley to find PK. Rejected coz I "have" guitar class. So I went home, quickly buy my lunch and practiced my tunes. And even got to the music school in time, when all of a sudden, I stood still, with Kok Jin. Mr Dominic was not in his usual "venue". John looked at me and Theresa told me tht Mr Dominic was in church. Because it was Good Friday, classes have been cancelled.


I replied her tht I did nt receive the news class being cancelled. So we ended up discussing the replacement classes. Since me and Jin were already at Plaza Damas / Hartamas Shopping Center, Jin suggested that we go have soya bean. Shared the chocolate filling tong yuen, then went to Tower Records to look-see-look-see. I decided to get Robbie Williams' CDs. How I miss listening to his songs. Then we were looking at movies. All of a sudden, Jin told me that there's Tomie movie (manga by Junji Ito). And I collected Tomie comic series - all thanks to Aaron, who kinda introduced me to Junji Ito. So now I know the Japanese movie Kakashi is also one of Junji Ito's collection.

It turned out that Tomie had already 7 or 8 movies =_=" The latest one was released last year, Tomie vs Tomie, which I saw today. Probably gonna get the CD after my music class. Oh, going broke.. wuwu....

Today is Chong Hwa's 89th Anniversary!! Tmr will have the yuan you hui, a fair whr the students will set booths and sell food/pets. Mum asked me to go find her cheese tarts... cos is my neighbor's sister's child booth. Aaron's sister - Victoria will be selling sushi.

Indeed, a good Friday ya?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Not So Highlight of the Week

Seems that The Gardens has a restaurant with Penang food theme. Gurney Drive Restaurant I think. Oh~ whenever I flipped thru the classified pages, I think of getting a part time job. Unfortunately, I'm absolutely sure nobody will agree to it, and this sem's schedule is more or less hectic, classes everyday.

Penang, here we come... finally! After all the talking and some swearing, we're leaving first thing on Saturday morning. Aaron's gonna have a sleepover in Jin's room, meaning I have to move out of Jin's room and back into my very guk room. The aircon is still making sounds, so as the fan. Oh sigh. Dah lah everyday have to wake up early to go attend morning classes, and now holiday oso need to wake up so early, can someone sprinkle some cold water onto my face? kekekeke... I didn't say SPILL!

I've got a new watch, looked kinda sporty. Luckily it wasn't very big for me. Just ngam ngam~ but me bad luck, yday got the watch, today one of the button dropped out in college... damn! Luckily able to send the watch back to fix the little button x( Today in class baru I realised my watch got light one.. wahahha... =__="

Just now I checked Multiply, got some L'arc fans uploaded the SMILE album.. wuwu... more shuei is get to see but cannot get to download, how miserable life is! Hopefully there are some kind music stores like Tower Records import more of L'arc's CDs. Or even Gazette.. wuwu.. Pierrot oso I dun mind (they disband d and formed another new band).

Next week gotta rush 2 assignments. By right now I shud be doing my ACC202 Financial Reporting assignment by observing the various websites of financial reporting =_= I didn't know Mr Lye could joke... although not very funny. But he tries his best. Finally got the damn Law textbook. I think one of the worst textbook ever bought was for the ACC201. Damn celaka u know?! Regretted getting that book. Cost us RM90, end up wat quality of book is that? Almost the same as going to Wisma E&C or WN to photocopy. Nothing more than, white paper background, black words. No difference than a photocopy book. Even the cover looked ugly. Sigh. Had the feeling of money being cheated.

Ok la, time to go to bed again. Another morning class tmr. And this time, a replacement class for next Thursday. Jya~ sleep tight ppl~

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to....

March 1st - Kok Seong - 28
March 2nd - Fung Yue - 21
March 10th - Seok Mun - 21
March 11th - Kok Jin - 16
March 16th - Kok Leong - 19
March 30th - Bryan - 21

and other ppl who are born in the month of March~

Monday, March 10, 2008


Today mum and Jin finally came back from the States. Good for me, I no longer need to wake up early to hang the clothes and get myself late for class. Dun need to bother wat to cook for dinner. Yippie!

Hmm, dad told me after I finished this degree, I could study watever I wanted. He apologized for using the wrong manner to "guide" me wat course I wanted to take in the beginning. He say he wasn't forcing me. Yeah right. Anyways, Khai Shein also encountered the same thing with her mum (the guideline part).

Now, some of the courses I would like to take are...

  1. Photography
  2. Japanese language
  3. Mass Comm
  4. Bakery
  5. Hotel Management
  6. Advertising
  7. Design
  8. Human Resource
  9. Make up
  10. Hair

That's wat I could think of for now. Although the last 2 seemed to be kinda strange for a person like me who doesnt bother about my own appearance. Sometimes, feel like taking a part time job, just to kill time during weekends. Maybe I turned out to not study at all. Accounting is definitely not in my list. Last week, HELP had a career fair. Two of the booths were work and holiday programme. One was OOTB (Out Of The Box) Travelling to USA.

The other was Adecco or something. For this one, the requirement is simple, 18-30 years old, have not been on a holiday-work programme to New Zealand, have enough money to support urself there, then u're oredi eligible. It doesn't only restrict to students. Me, PK and KS oredi decide to go together after graduating XD I did asked Aaron and he says ok. Not sure if in the end he will actually go. Wat's the job u ask? Picking apples, grapes or kiwi. U can either do indoor (picking fruits) or outdoor (packing). Of cos, outdoor has higher pay compared to the indoor.

Either way, if it's outdoor, it goes by per bin of fruit u can produce (NZ$35), and I think the maximum bin u are able to produce is 8 bins per day. So one day itself u can earn NZ$280, equals to MYR756. If for indoor, the maximum u could earn per week is NZ$500, MYR 1350. It actually goes for per hour between NZ$11~13. Not bad hor? The maximum is 6 months in NZ. One of the activities u could do there is swim with the dolphins XD KS see d became super happy~ LOL

Ok ppl, time for me to go to bed. Jya ne~ Oyasumi minna-san ;)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Days Without Mum and Jin

Day 1 (01-03-2008)
Today was a very bad day. The weather is very nasty. Heavy rain since early morning. Mum told me to hang the clothes out for drying. I overslept a bit and had to go to the kitchen to take out the clothes from the washing machine. Since the weather was bad, when I was hanging the clothes halfway, I felt raindrops but it was little to be felt, or even realise. Then it really drizzle. Then had to take the clothes back in and hang them in the kitchen.

Me and Kok Leong took Bobo to the vet to inhale the medicine for his cough. Got stuck at Sri Sinar as the lanes were very cramp until a certain point. From 3 lanes, then to 2 lanes and finally down to 1 lane. How ridiculous. Stuck there for at least 10 mins. Somemore had to wait for traffic light. He was rushing because he had to pick his frens at HELP and go visit a fren who was down with dengue fever. Luckily Bobo only needed 5 mins and on the way back to the main road it wasn't jam.

By evening, I was hungry. Asked Kok Leong to drop me at 7-11 to buy a loaf of bread at Sri Sinar. Then he left with his frens. But I had some laundry business to attend to, so Aaron arrived, he wanted to cook for me. So I told him must use margarine to fry the eggs, while I toast the breads. Went for steamboat for dinner while waiting for Highstreet5 to download! Can't wait to play it. Then told Aaron that my laptop became slow after installing the HDD installation cd. It even took a long time for my laptop to switch off. Waited nearly 20 mins the so-called "update" was still running. Oh sigh. Finally Aaron had to disable some of the unnecessary tasks and software at the start up so the laptop can run faster.

While waiting for him to do the laptop, I taught him how to play gim rammy. Played about 4 or 5 rounds before he left. Oh sigh. Nobody to play with me at home.. wuwu... Kok Jin~ come back early! Play with me?

After Aaron left, Eong Eong came to my room with some recipe books, asking me wat to cook for dinner. He wanted his sweet and sour pork (gu lou yuk) and lemon chicken. I found butter prawns.. oh~~ butter~

Day 2 (02-03-2008)
Woke up at 7.35am to do the laundry. Hang the clothes out to dry. Today's weather was kinda good til evening. Hang the clothes out to dry. Plenty of clothes waiting for me to wash. Today I did 3 rounds of laundry, as in hung 3 rounds of laundry outside to dry. Now there's not much clothes for me to wash, but the clothes are piling up for me to iron. Dreadful.

After hanging the clothes I fed the rabbits some vege. They were quite impatient and behaved like a bunch of hungry monsters.
I went to the kitchen to do some dish washing. Then fed Bobo. Then I went back to rest, I checked my phone and it had incoming message. It's from KOK JIN!!! XD He told me that he was oredi in San Francisco, and it was already almost 4pm there, messaged received was Malaysian time 7.52am. Eventually his phone went out of credit and he asked me to ask dad to reload for him. Dad reload RM100 for him... NOT FAIR! How come I dun have.. wuwu...

Went to Jusco to get some groceries. Instead of focusing on groceries, me and Eong did extra shopping. He wanted to get a haircut. But his preferable stylist wasn't here. So we went over to the accessory shop. He was eying on 2 chains, I had a few that I think was unique. Then I kept asking which wallet I shud buy. I wanted one where I would be able to put cards. I have to put my IC, license, Jusco card, Popular card, atm card, comic VIP card, bonuslink card, and in the future I dunno wat cards I'm gonna put in. End up buying a coin pouch XD It's so cute. There was another purse which was super cute~~

Dammit! Oh sigh... I'm too lazy to retype the stuff I wrote just now. Damn those tags... I shall put all in a nutshell..

Spent too much on accessories, had to go to atm to withdraw money for groceries. Went to Domino's to take away coz I received Hotlink flash voucher for RM15 per regular pizza (normal price was RM21.50?). Eong said that the staff was kinda rude. The Public Bank near to the Domino's was out of money. Even the Affin Bank (according to a very friendly looking old man queuing behind us) atm had no more money to withdraw.

Hopefully tmr is another bright and sunny day so that I can do the laundry without worrying the clothes will get wet. Collected my 1119 cert on last Thursday. Aaron collected his too. He forgotten which year he had taken SPM.

All the best ppl! I think I'm not taking law201 this sem. Better if I take next sem so that I can attend fin203's class. At least Mr Val wont suddenly cancel class like somebody...