Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The year 2008, where those who are born in 1987 would officially turn 21 this year. We are gonna step into the "adult" world soon. So sad....

This year is also the year where some dear friends would be leaving for the foreign land - Australia to pursue their studies. Good luck to u I wish in advance. I dare to admit, without some of them, the atmosphere would never be the same again. From a group of 7~8 people, shrinking into only 4~5. The group seems smaller, the different sounds of laughters we usually hear would then just no longer be heard, only the echoes in the mind, tries recalling and might even say "xx sure will laugh like this!" *imitate laugh* or mimic the gestures XD

Bird Queen has finally reached the moment where she would have to leave. This coming Thursday her farewell will be held. On the very same day, it marks the official holiday date for me. No CNY visiting with us, and we might get lost along the way to Khai Shein's house *LOL* As we all know, Shuying is known for her navigating skills, sometimes making a big round to go to a certain place.

Since she's leaving around 2 weeks later, I shall dedicate this post to her. Let us recall all the way back.... Hmmm......

  • She used to look gay and looked a bit like Andrew Malaysian Idol Season 1.
  • She used to hit people with her infamous "pork trotters". So much for that.
  • Always complain her hands wanna break by just holding a few textbooks (and her lappie)
  • When it comes to food, she'll just keep quiet and gulp her stuff. Occasionally a few lines eg. add rice XD
  • Who can forget how often she patronised those expensive coffee in those days *stated those in bold italics to tell u tht I meant in the past.. in case someone come and wat me

  • She claims that she's a starving student *I really am ma but I dun save on food expenses* Like tht is not call starving d la. U spend on food, got eat. No starve.
  • Her shocking appearance on Khai Shein's birthday outing - Heels
  • Butt itchy with Mr. L went to Melaka eat in hotel, leading the high class life after dating.
  • Most likely to have wedding dinner at a 5-star hotel/restaurant.
  • Having a bf who is also afraid of dogs is funny XD Mr L is scared of Belle, not the first guy I know who is afraid of dogs

  • Not good with accounting which almost killed PK after explaining.
  • Used to camwhore giler
  • Oh, so sad, she can't play the real mahjong d... maybe
  • Cannot sit in bird princess d... how sad... U never even washed her once
  • I think I'm going to be the one who's gonna play nunchaku at her wedding *giler betui*
For now I'm too tired to list down... feeling sleepy as I onli managed to sleep less than 4 hours in total for today.

OH by the way, today me and Kok Jin tried iridology. The person will snap photo of ur eyes and then analyse how good is ur health. She said me and Kok Jin basically have the same problem, stomach bloated/gassy, lack of sleep. She said I lack of stamina and my backbone is affected. Asked me to do more exercise and my cells are dehydrated, needs me to drink more water. As for the stomach problem, avoid tea/coffee/gas drinks, sour/spicy food.

Kok Jin on the other hand, skips meal, play too much computer which caused him to maintain the same pose, making his right hand weaken (did not exercise the right hand). Click so many times of mouse sure not exercise la, luckily his fingers din twitch Xp So he need to exercise his right hand more often. But basically both of us are still consider healthy and not severe. Only need to take care of the stomach.

We were very amused coz everything she said about Jin is true (he got a shock).

Kla ppl, good nite.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Event @ PWTC

There's an event going on at PWTC~ for every 100th person who registers will get a limited edition T-shirt. Looks pretty nice. Looks kinda fun. But the event is from 18th-20th Jan. Meaning, this weekend is the last day.

Events would include, street dance competition, Aaron and Swee's Battle of the Bands, Graffiti, Casting (who wanna be actors/actress), Photography competition, Fashionista by Animax with Hannah Tan, Bloggers like Nuffnang community.. Kenny Sia would be attending the event too since he's one of the young entrepreneurs. Other etc booths..

Event organised by Youth Malaysia.

Hopefully I have the chance to go. Looks interesting.

Bought new CD today XD

Yeah! Today after my guitar lesson, I wanted to go home straight. But whenever I passby Tower Records, I was hoping to get myself a nice CD to play in the car. But at the same time, I was struggling whether I should keep the money and not spend on CDs. As I wasn't convinced to buy CD. So today I decided to head straight into the shop and walk towards the Japanese/Korean music section.

So I was just checking out my favourite artists. The shop was playing Ayumi Hamasaki's latest album, which I found it quite nice, entertaining myself to her slightly rock ballads. Then, today something was different. I saw L'Arc~en~Ciel's previous album 'Awake'~ I dunno whether it was there all along or wat. But I was happy and decided to get this one and only album in the store. Then when I looked up... another surprise is that their newest album 'Kiss' was also on sale! But since I've already downloaded the whole album, guess it wasn't in a hurry to get that CD. But I was also struggling between "Awake" and Hyde's solo album - which had the song [Cape of Storms] - theme for Last Quater movie. Maybe I'll get that album the next round. I found some of Hyde's album at 1U before.

Then as I was paying, the counter guy told me that L'Arc's new album is on sale. I told him that I've already downloaded the album. Then we had a brief conversation during the cash transaction. He asked me what other bands do I listen. I told him Pierrot. Then he asked me what about Gazette.. Hell yes! I love them >.< ayumi =".=" size="1">*zzz* the CD cannot work in the car *heartbreak*

Kla, gotta go bathe. Jya minna-san~ Oyasumi

*photo courtesy of Wikipedia*

Post for the week

This week may not be a good week. The week started (on Sunday) with me lazying around and playing games other than studying. Seriously, the bookworm hasn't bite me yet. So it led to difficulties in answering the questions for FIN203 mid term. Then I had to study for ACC203 after fin's mid term. The past few days I tried to get hold of wat might come out for accounting. I asked her wat came out for her midterm. And I've able to draw a conclusion, mid term for Module 1 - Partnership, mostly likely to come out (with 95% chances) is the dissolution of partnership.. Obviously it's a big HINT to the future ACC203 students. Even though I managed to do the partnership question, the MCQ were absolutely horrendous. I think Ms Shenba would pull her hair off. Oh by the way, I managed to get a glimpse at the notice board inside lvl 2 admin office tht Shenba's leave is until 6/2/2008. Meaning, after our finals. Luckily our class wasn't a big group.

Today, PK found out tht Year 1 tutorial sign up was last Friday. She kept thinking tht it's gonna be this Friday. Lucky today I reminded her to come for accounting revision class, if not she dun need to attend tutorial d. Smart girl. Helped her paid her fees too. She's damn lucky tht Ming Yuan was still helping out some students regarding the tutorial groupings, even though it ended at 12pm. We went up to level 2 was about 2 something. Guess wat? Maybe u guys knew about it already but, PK's going for Wong Wai's tutorial. I dunno wat will happen.

I got the new subject handbook today. Seems tht there are somethings added to the handbook. Some were quite... irrelevant. Anyways, as I was browsing thru the lecturers' profile and their dunno wat credit or thingies (their majors, which Uni.. if u get wat I mean).. To my surprise *I'm rather shocked acutally* I came upon Ms Shenba's name. I almost couldn't believe my eyes *rub rub* Stated in the handbook "Ms K Shenbagakulalvoymozhi".... what the heck =.=" How come Dr Ben's name din came out tht long?

Oh... I found out tht Mr Chew Eng Khuan bachelor for Chemistry and Biochemistry from UM. I wondered whether he thought of making some potions for making the students in class do less chatting and more work instead. LOLS. Ming Yuan can even teach Econs d since she has First Class Honors for Econs, also from UM.

This time in the new handbook they added the subject descriptions too. Pre-requisites were included too. There's also the for scholarship too. There's also the professional recognition for accounting. Split into CPA, ICAEW and ACCA. For the ACCA part, if taken the stated subjects, 9 subjects will be exempted out of 14. Meaning, in order to be eligible for it, FIN204 is also a must. Thus, this is the difference between the new and old handbook. Get Yours Today For FREE *while stock last*

So.. have to reconsider some of the subjects. But most of the subjects are the same. Seriously, FIN203 is not a compulsory subject for both ACCA and CPA =.=" wat the heck !@#$%^&*() but it shall be included in the elective part. This time, onli 4 electives are needed instead of 5. Better discuss with PK and Sin Ying and KS.

Forgotten to add something. Yesterday wasn't a good day for Mahjong games. And.... I forgotten wat I wanted to say d. =.="Ah yes... How I missed watching American Idol~ nyahahahaa~

This Fin203 assignment stinks

Friday, January 11, 2008


Today as I while still in bed sleeping, I heard a sound coming out from a handphone. And I didn't think that it was my phone at first, cos it was nowhere in sight. So I thought it came out from my mum's phone *wat was I thinking?* But the sound was so loud and it was somewhere near me. I kept thinking it came from the outside.

Moments later, the sound came back. I got a shocked. Woke up and looked around. I looked at the phone charger. Nope, I did not do any phone charging. Quickly I checked my bag and looked at the phones, nope, nothing strange. Went back to bed. Then I woked up again and check the phone. Darn the Nokia was making so much noise. Battery was almost dead. Guessed I've forgotten to charge it last night.

Just read Wen's blog. Travelling. Mentioned to Aaron about the Taman Negara matter. He said it was too expensive. Better tht we resume our previous plan to go to Penang. Before tht, there was like a food bazaar at Penang, where all the delicacies would gather at one spot. But the golden time has passed. Oh sigh.... no more Char Kuey Teow.... char kuey teeow....

Hopefully after the finals, there's still time for Shuying's farewell. Since mine would be ending on 31st Jan. Dunno about the marketing students. Next week is one busy week. With mid terms on 14th (fin203) and 15th (acc203). And the assignment for Fin203 dues on 21st Jan. Then, just one week away from Finals. Scary.....

Current mood:::: LazY ::::

Dunno whether can work during the holidays. Even if it's just for a day or two. Ex-supervisor msn-ed me whether can take the job or not.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Snake Alert!

Today dad killed a little snake tht was "hanging out" at the pandan leaf plant. He was trying to get rid of the dried leaves until suddenly the snake almost attacked him. I was busying standing at the rabbit cage and teasing the rabbits, and I heard my dad said something, but din know wat he was saying.

About last week, or maybe the week before, mum said tht there was a snake found at the corner house (same row as mine). The old newspaperman told my mum to take her time to carry out the newspaper as he would be going over to the corner house to see ppl catch snake. Heard tht the snake didnt get caught.

Dad said tht he knew the snake was at our garden, so he sprayed water onto the snake, hoping tht the snake will leave without him hurting it. Little did he know tht the snake came back and God knows how long has tht snake been in our garden (probably onli my dad knew). Mum was wondering whether the snake had bitten Belle coz she wasn't eating well for the past few days.

So after me teasing the cute little bunnies, my dad suddenly used the stick and asked me to guess wat was on the stick. My guess was a giant earthworm, he said it was a snake. So he put the snake down onto the ground and I ge-poh a bit, then I told dad I will call Kok Jin to come down and see. Then I went into Eong-chan's room and told him tht dad killed a baby snake. At first he was quite 'wu nai' with me barging into the room, then his paused a bit then his expression changed to somewhat interesting. So he went out to see. Then I went up to get the little Fatsy. So all 3 of us, with dad, standing at the gate looking at the dead snake.

The dead snake had its tail moving like nobody's business. Then Kok Jin took a stick and kacau-ed the dead body =.=" Eong-chan called him to cut open the snake (lagi teruk). Kinda eerie coz the snake is already dead yet it can still move... sends chills to my spine... Then mum came down and we told her about the snake, she say... "How come u all dun call me?" LOL...

How we disposed the body? Wrapped inside the plastic bag with other garden disposal (dead leaves/branches). I told dad to tie tight tight, then he said it's already dead ma... Then when we came back from dinner, mum moved the trash can to the side (she used the trash can to reserve parking space).. Then I jokingly said in the car, without her knowing, tht later when she move the can the snake suddenly pop out XD

Last nite I fell down from Kok Jin's back. Jin kept laughing coz I fell down like those dummies.... =.=" Today he carried me in Wedding style, he's so strong XD He can now carry his future wife too~

Just glad tht the rabbits are still safe and sound... *Oh Handsome~~~~* >_<

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Meet The Cuties

*eat me, I'm cute*

*my special troops*

*we shall take over the food world!!*

Aren't they cute XD Aaron made all of them. Those are Mochis.. The giant guy... Guess wat are the "ingredients".. :p

*before* ------------------------------------------*after*
Dine in at Momo, located at Centerpoint, Bandar Utama. A smaller Japanese restaurant. Lesser choice of food compared to giant names like Jyogoya, Shogun, Shin Nichi, Saisaki, etc..
Onli been to Shin Nichi actually. Supposed to go to Saisaki but Aaron heard tht the food isn't tht nice anymore. I think he went to Lowyat.net to find Japanese restaurants which have buffets. The ice-cream is delicious though.. Din snap the restaurant coz it would be kinda awkward to do so. That day dunno whether the aircon was down or wat, it was quite hot. Even me and Aaron were busy sweating. They had little booths at the balcony - Tempura, Tepanyaki and one more I've forgotten wat.. dunno wat Yaki.. =.="
Shin Nichi moving away from Wisma Antarabangsa (beside Wisma Genting - can take monorail and stop at Raja Chulan station) at a period where Xmas and New Year's Eve... so odd.. And have no idea where they're going to move to. And it sounded like a last minute move. I miss eating their stir fried lotus.. oh sigh...
Anyways people, Happy New Year. 2008 has finally come and the days of departure seem to come close.

The Xmas deco at 1U was probably the best for 2007. It would have been a better view if it wasn't for the 2 guys blocking the view... and even 伸懒腰 =.=" zhor deng...

Odd to post something about Xmas when it's New Year today.