Friday, June 27, 2008

27th June 2008

Just now I was watching one movie on Astro, sorry, I've forgotten which channel it was in. Could be HBO. If you are into percussion bands, trumpets, tubas, drums, this would be the right movie for you! Just by watching the movie it builds up my adrenaline rush! It's about this guy, Devon, who's in University Atlanta A&T. And he has amazing drum skills but he doesn't cooperate with the band. And even challenged his sector manager. The choreography is superb~

It kinda made me felt regret for not joining high school's percussion band. I chose not to join because I was in the band in primary school. And since our school is just a small school, so our music instruments weren't exactly the music instruments used in percussion bands. I don't know what is the english name for my music instrument because it's like a mini keyboard but instead of using hands to play with in, you have to blow into the pipe then only got sound comes out.

I do not have a high school life. I'm pretty sad about it. That's why I tried to make it up in college. Poor me. Oh ya, the movie title is called Drumline.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tagged ~.~

How come my hands so itchy went to open Wan Yian's blog :p LOL~ so here it goes:

8 things I am passionate about:

1* Drawing. I draw when I'm feeling bored and tired in class. I draw before I go to bed. I draw in my textbooks XD *bad student* I draw on my final exam question paper! During year 1's ITC101, the exam invigilator came and stood beside me. He say I draw nicely. I felt paiseh. During this sem's Acc201, I spent roughly an hour answering my paper because I couldn't answer the paper at all. So I spent the remaining time drawing my whole question paper. Luckily the invigilator din see anything~ walalala~ But my exam eat egg got la.

2* Music
. Name it, play, listen or sing (although I'm not very good in any one). My current favourite genre would have to be J-Rock. Maybe some of you had already noticed. Unfortunately, not many people enjoys listening to Japanese music. Some cannot even stand rock music. They find it noisy. Noisy meh? Rock music also can play piano one lo. I still enjoy listening to tunes from BSB, maybe not so much of Westlife. Sometimes, Chinese music is just, boring. Just because I speak Mandarin with most of my friends, doesn't mean I love Chinese songs.

. I'm quite particular about the drawing style. I dun just read any book like that. Those draw long long limbs or eyes super duper big one no thank you. Maybe I won't buy the book but just read it in the comic shop. You may have seen this a thousand times, my favourite manga-ka is Watase Yuu, Kazuya Minekura, a little bit of Clamp, bla bla... Depends on my mood. But Watase Yuu would be my top manga-ka. I love her XD

4* Talk
. But I dun talk 24 hours a day thank you because my mouth also need to rest one lo. But I just like talking and chatting. So if I wan to crap, let me crap a little la har.

5* Photography
. I just snap watever I see. You cannot just wait for something to happen for you to snap ma right? Walala~ I feel like I snap like a paparazzi. Lol~ Maybe I can become a stalker and snap people's photos XD Sound so scary~ I'm not a pro. Thank you. Can say I'm close to being a noob.

6* Gaming
. I'm the more tomboyish girl. Shopping might be the last thing on my mind. Some may choose to read some fantastic books. Some may shop until their house also can become a boutique. Some like to go for facial until their faces become so flawless that they even appear in the newspaper because the beautician or the facial product is incompatible with their skin whatever. And, gaming is also a topic for me to chat with boys in case I run out of things to say. LOL...

7* Writing. It doesn't have to be just plain blogging. I used to enjoy writing essays in high school. That's if I have that knowledge for the subject then can crap a lot. Just like to write words. I love words.

8* Calligraphy. Amazed? Well, I felt that it's a Chinese culture that we should learn to love, although the ink stinks a lot =_= I dun see the westerners using a Mopit dipping into the ink and write pretty words. I can't say that I write very nice la, because I also just try my best only.

8 things I say/type too often:

(omg... now onli I realised the tag is a long one =_=)

1* =_= / =.= Cute hor XD

2* Oh... there you have it >> XD A must have emo~

3* Die lo. I die all the time.

4* Walalala~ Sounds cute too also hor~ XD

5* Why you like that one?

6* Ooof ooof Like a dog like that :p

7* Shit. A good indication for something bad. Short and precise.

8* Goodness gracious. Because it sounds more graceful than OMG.

8 things I learnt for the past year:

1* It's good to enhance skills which other people doesn't have.

2* Sometimes, no matter how hard working you are, you still land up in shitty results. So, it's not that you're not hardworking enough, you just worked harder with the wrong stuff.

3* Accounting is boring. That's why it gave me time to draw more in class. Yippie~ And to look forward to brunch after class.

4* Walk the talk. I know myself. I usually do not have the habit of this. So... the guitar lesson was the first step. It wasn't easy but it gave my life some entertainment after able to play the guitar, and the piano~ Should I learn to play the violin? :p Or the drums? XD Better not get too far~

5* After working part time, I felt that I have lose some interest in studying. I'm not ambitious. Bad thing I know. Thus, my life is just going on without a pointer to guide me. I'm a lost rabbit!

6* I think I am allergic to animals :( SAD..... Sob Sob....

7* Being in a relationship is nice. But, I realised that, being single is great. I'm free to do anything I want. Why rush neh? I think I have good relationship with my brothers and my mum. And I also have wonderful friends. I don't think I'm that desperate for a bf.

8* Life is tiring. I need to rest in peace. Suddenly, I felt that I have a lot of stuff that I wish to learn. It should be a good thing right?

8 people I would like to tag:

If you're interested, you can always tag yourself.

Tmr is the preview screening for Doomsday @ Cineleisure. Gonna watch it with my brother. So he can drive XD XD I'm so smart~

Grandma's Birthday @ Selayang Palace Restaurant 22-06-08

This is the first pic of my family and grandma. I feel like I'm the shortest =__= And I dun think I'm smiling? Anyways, this time, and for the first time, my dad was so cooperative to snap a lot of (our) full family photo.

My cousin and aunt kept calling my dad to smile but he refused. But in one of the pics he was smiling but then he was closing his eyes and I think the pic was a bit blur.

Big family? I dunno. Mostly are kids. Noisy kids! Mum said I wasn't this noisy when I was young. It proved that I'm an introvert since small lo! I dun fake it. Since Kok Jin is being blocked by my 4th uncle's head, so you can see him in the pic at all. If you look closely, you'll find his ear and head =__= Luckily Kok Leong is smart enough to stand on the chair XD

This is one of my favourite cousin. Why? Hmm... He's the only one who went up to Gohtong Jaya with us the most times and brings his PS1 for us to play also. 8 years older than me. He's the only one not married in his family. I used to admire him. Part of his job is a photographer and he can draw too. And he's gay :( I think I'm super fat =_= My face like swollen. Sigh...

This pic! My mum asked me to put my hand around her =__= Because lately she kept complaining that we dun hug her *LOL* Say I dun hug her because I memang no memory of her hugging me lo. And complained that Kok Jin doesn't hug her anymore, wahahaha~

This cousin sister of mine is going to start her A-Levels. She wants to study Law. A straight A student. I think she went to Italy for a month or 2 as an exchange student. Bright student. Completed her Grade 8 for piano.

This is grandma. I have no idea exactly how old she is. Mum doesn't know when is her exact birth date. My relatives always say when duan wu jie / Dragon Boat Festival.

Waiting for my cousin bro to send me the pics that he snapped. He dun wanna send me everything because he is LAZY. He has flickr account. So I told him if he doesn't want to send me he can upload at somewhere then tell me where he uploaded so that I can steal the pics. He asked for my email because he doesn't want me to steal his. LOL! Well, since my camera also has some of the pics with him inside, so I wanted them too. Walala~ Why he dun wanna share his photos wor. Not that he's using his D-SLR to take pro shots also :( I remember last time when I took camera and snap with the other family members he asked me to send him the pics as well. But of course I din send la because I dunno which email he's using. And I dun have scanner at the time. All the photos developed d dunno went where. Maybe I shud send the pics for developing this time. Not syiok one all the pics hide inside the computer. But can save money. Hmmmm.... I guess it's the price to pay to keep the memories in physical form.

Oh, the restaurant is actually located near dai jek lou's house.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some Ol' Memories

Thank god this sem is over! After having "celebrated" the end of exam with Soo Wen by capturing all sorts of funny and maybe odd pictures, and on the next day visiting The Mage Cafe to play designer board games with her friends Fan Sheng and Mei Shea, my 3 days at work - probably caused a little fuss because of my mistakes. 3 straight days without doing anything right. Oh~ what a shame to myself!

Oh yes, now instead of me working 3 days a week, it changed to 4 days a week and now 5 days a week! Going to work is boring, staying at home is boring. Sigh. Sem break is always boring. Maybe because I do not manage my time well enough. PK planned to have a last sing k round next week since some of the people is not very interested in going to Sunway Lagoon. So... probably a round of k and then up to Genting for a night on weekend. I wonder if I would be able to make it for my guitar class, I giler sial! Wow... come to think of it... I wont be able to have a proper rest for the whole week lo?!

Anyways... Just the day before exam I cleaned my room and found a lot a lot of old stuff way from way back in foundation... and a little bit from high school...

I used to be hardworking

The list looks familiar? Btw, I think it's written by none other than - Jonathan

FD Stats... Argh... Nothing unusual

The transparencies era

"What's Love Gotta Do... Gotta Do?"
Remember this Ol' thing?

Leadership Camp Drama Script - written by Jonathan

That's all for tonight.. or should I say morning =_= Later today in the evening will be attending grandma's birthday dinner.

Monday, June 9, 2008

9th June 2008

Today was one of the bad days of exam, I wouldn't exactly say it's worse. But, with only less than 2 hours of sleep and two papers to sit for in one day, from morning 8am *ohaiyo!* til 3.40pm. Set my alarm to 6am, then I left home early today. Super early! Earlier than my usual 8am classes (because 8am classes I only leave at 7.50am~8.00am, damn terrible!). Since today was one of the important days, so... no choice but to reach college super early! HELP has a new bus again! And a new driver I think :s Sat in the bus and waited from 7.10am for the bus to leave somewhat 10 mins later. Sigh. I did not manage to finish studying for all the topics, but damn lucky I remembered to bring my tutorial answers out and have a look while waiting in the bus.

That question came out, but I can only agak-agak write la. In the end, just within an hour, I've complete 2 and half questions =.= I din really finish la, I skipped those that I dunno. So within 2 hours I'm completely done. Nobody leave the exam hall, I feel so shy... Then there was this guy who raised his hands, I thought he wanna leave the exam hall also. Ceh, in the end I dunno what he was talking with the invigilator. So I left the hall because I was freezing and at the same time I had to go pee... So went to the library and saw Khai Shein studying... so rajin...

I felt sick. Probably too nervous for the law test. I think I had hunger pain and I felt like vomiting while Sin Ying and big Hong Sheng and Kai Lie were discussing the tutorial answers. During exam, darn speechless. My pinkie almost break =.= Fingers so painful and stiff. PK damn geng, she wrote 13 pages =.= 2 questions she used up 10 pages.... I tried to maintain 4 pages because I know I wont have the time to write that fast. And there are a lot of points not written in the answer. Sigh... If I even can a C, I would be laughing my ass off.

Now still feel the headache. Sighhhhh.... Next paper... MA2.... Shitty paper.... The paper with the least confidence.....

Chatting over at MSN, my friend told me that his admirer suddenly kissed him in the cinema, he got a shocked! This girl is his collegemate, and she has viewed my Friendster profile before. I know she gets jealous easily! She's even jealous of her own coursemate because it was her coursemate's bday. So my fren and the bday girl took a photo together. She went berserk and screwed him up after that. Wah.... she's not even his gf already so scary =.= And she was sooooo obsessed with him that she even sent him mms containing photos of her which reveal her cleavage? So desperate.. and... she has a lot of very handsome lala "god-brothers". She may be feeling unsecure.

Oh, and Pizza Hut came out with new sensasi delight pizza. I wanna try.... :s

Saturday, June 7, 2008

7th June 2008

Today I'm quite impressed with myself. I finally had the determination to tidy up part of my room and make way for the textbooks! And I also cleared my bed and changed to new bedsheet~ Yippie~ I think I haven't been sleeping in my room for about 2 months now. But I dun think it saved much of electricity because the computers are running everyday and sometimes for long hours with multiple desktops running.

KS just now called me and asked me about Acc201's tutorial questions. If I was more hardworking enough, by today, I could have almost finished revising MA2. But sigh... So, most likely tonight I will be working my arse off MA2. And some Fin203.

Despite clearing and throwing plenty of stuff, my study table is still messy =_= And I have plenty of recycle papers now. There are stacks and stacks of them in my cupboard.. Shit... I just discovered NHK Japan radio has Japanese lessons XD Maybe when I'm bored I can go have a look there. Walalala~

While tidying the stacks of papers and notes from previous semesters, I found my foundation Psychology EQ presentation notes and my pamphlet! I even found my Statistics mid-term or quiz paper =_= 9 marks out of 30.... Thus, it was truely amazing that I survived the finals and the subject itself!

I still need to get rid many many things! Argh... but it seems like many things can be recycled... Crushing and throwing away papers like that, I feel so bad. Should sell to the newspaper guy? Or put in the recycle bin? Now I just realised, I wont have enough space for my new comics soon. Probably enough for another less than 20 books! Nooooooo.......................................... And my brother's friend haven't return me my Sailor Moon comics! like that.... I think I can only accommodate another 10 books the most! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo.................................... If only my bedroom was bigger.... Just enough for another shelf....

I watched the news at around 7 something. The price of petrol caused a lot of problem in other countries too. And taxis are taking advantage of this to charge the passengers extra. Since they are using NGV so, there's no change of price in their fuel ma.. Now I wonder how much do I need to put for full tank.... Instead of my usual RM50, maybe now I would have to fill RM60? Wah.... so much.... :( Already I'm broke... And the next thing you know, Rice Bowl have their price raised again! Even food also so expensive. I can imagine next time 1 plate of chicken rice also need RM20. 1 bun also cost RM10 =_= Sob... Then we would have to give our children RM1000 as pocket money when they are in college. Dammit!

6th June 2008

We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are
-Anais Nin

3 more days and damn the exam is here! Actually, I do not think I will be able to do well in MA2 already. Even if I'm lucky enough, I probably only get a D. My midterm + assignment also still fail. Sigh. Yes, you may say at least I've pass. But, to have a D for your majored subject, aren't you a little bit shamed? Obviously it shows that either the person is lazy, plain stupid, or you're probably don't deserve to be here. Sorry, I will not be an accounting lecturer. I rather do admin work even if I have to get scolding all my life. I do not wish to face stacks and stacks of papers with numbers in it.

Hopefully Fin203 is slightly easier than last sem. But at the rate it's going, I think this sem's students are pretty smart, and much more hardworking compared to our sem. And to think that I would have to face Shenba again in the future, I feel even less motivated to study. And since we've been spoon fed for almost forever in our lives, I still find it difficult to accept Shenba's teaching method. And in MA3, I would have to face Michelle Phang again. How sad...

Seems like this sem break I won't be able to pursue my Japanese language learning dream :( Well I could, but, I find it a little bit rush. It would make my schedule like this:

Monday and Tuesday - Day off
Wednesday ~ Friday - Working
Saturday - Japanese language class
Sunday - Guitar class

I dunno whether if I should join the private class :( There's one which has branches in KL (in between Wisma Genting and Sg Wang), Damansara Utama and one in Johor I think. Hmm... Better to learn the language while I'm still a student? There's just so many things I wish to learn. Suddenly, I though of going for flower arrangement classes. But I think it's gonna be pretty expensive. I even thought of going for ball room dance XD Presentable ma... and it's handy when it come to those corporate ballroom functions. Don't you think so? Although I'm not that interested in working for the corporate world. I even requested for Korean language schedule, LOL! But the centre teaches French and Germany too! Aiya... I think I am too greedy to learn so many at a time.

P&G Business Challenge 2008 has opened it's door for registration! If you're lucky enough to win the challenge, you could actually get a job in P&G before you even graduate! But the procedure is somewhat similiar to Standard Chartered's IGP. You have to apply for an ID, and then submit your details + resume and all that's required, and then you'll have to go through an online assessment to check whether you're qualified or not. I tried to make an ID. But halfway to answering the questions, it asked me when I will be graduating. I recalled I have not taken MC100 and LLS, so I cannot confirm which sem I would be graduating. Most likely in 2010. But I wish to try my luck because it sounds fun. Oh by the way, if in case you do not make it, you would have to wait for another 12 months then only you can do the online assessment again. So think twice!

Today my parents told me about their childhood, how my mum's (era) education system was like. It sounded so much fun compared to now where you only have textbook based teaching system. In the olden days, my mum was from a convent school. She said, every Wednesday, there will be two groups of students (since it was an all girls school), either one group will go to cooking class, while the other group will go for I forgotten what class. Then the following week, they will exchange, and vice versa. Wow.... cooking class in primary school standard 2! How come now the education system so poor? Sigh....

Then dad talked about how they used to play when he was young. Since he lived in a very kampung environment, so, some of the neighbors were cousins/relatives of his. So they would come out and play together. They played gasing (top), guli (marble), self-made catapult. And even collected cigarette boxes! The method of playing is similiar to playing guli. But they will stack the cigarette boxes, then stack it up, and use slipper to throw onto the boxes. The boxes out of the line is yours =_=" Then play hide and seek at night! My mum then said, because they hide behind the banana tree, the pontianak came and frightened them =_= So lucky~

I wanna save money and buy an electronic dictionary cum encyclopedia. I find it quite useful, and handy too! Portable ma! And save your bookshelf's space. Lighter too XD And since it even has dictionary for Japanese and Korean~ Bravo~~ I think they even have dictionary for French, German languages! BUT it costs around RM1700. Wuwu... Today only I told mum about it, I had that pamphlet about almost 1 month already. Then while me and Jin walk Belle outside, mum told that I wanted to buy the thing. She say he is considering... @.@ Maybe can get for my birthday XD But.. with RM1700, there's so much to buy! Can pay for college's one subject's fee, can buy 2 PS2s... LOL! I think I've mentioned this is my previous entry. Kekeke...

PK asked dai jek lou to bring vegetarian bachang to the house. So tasty xD My brother drove Pk and other 2 of her frens, Grace and a girl which I dunno to Telawi Street for shopping =_= She went to Gossip =_= And I do not want to know how much she spent. She came to my house. So I asked her how was the room hunt. She said she settle down at Mutiara's apartment. She's gonna stay there with Grace. So big possibility that I will be going to work with them too. Or maybe if PK got class same time as me then can go to college together. Can even drop her back. Suddenly, PK staying so near my house, wahahaha~ xD Then I can call her to go Popular buy stationary for me~ :p Yeah... dream on la me.Aiya, forgotten to pay her back for the pen RM3.. Oh well.....

Grace was damn funny. Coz PK was walking to my brother's room, so I went into the kitchen to drink water. Then PK was talking to me in the kitchen and when we wanted to walk out, suddenly Grace appeared. She told me the other girl wanted to drink water and dare not tell me just now when I asked them. Then she asked me whether my mum was my mum XD Because she looked young, then she din know how to call my mum, to call her aunty or ... So I told her, nvm la, you want can call her jiejie. PK straight away say, you call her jiejie la, sure she happy til fly~ But since PK oredi got used to my mum, so she felt that my mum is ok la, not to say very young, LOL. I told my mum about it, she laughed.

Stupid Belle! Grrrr.... For the first time I took her out for a walk as long as almost an hour =_= She did not want to go home. So she sat down(!!) in front of my neighbor's gate for 10 mins! Argh... And I stood there stupidly for 10 mins. Then she wanted to cross over and I forbid her to do so. So she walked back to where we came from =_= That's why sometimes don't wanna take Belle out for walk is because of this reason. She can sit right outside of the gate and not come into the house no matter how hard we tried to get her in, by all means! Push her also she lie there =_= Scold her also she just stick her tongue out. Order her to come in she just look at you and then look around =_____= Kok Jin also fed up.

Time passes fast and it's already almost 3am =.= Wat a long entry tonite. Oyasumi! Tmr must must must must study for exam d, or else just becoming a sitting duck.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

5th June 2008

Today, went to Wisma Jobstreet to make payment for the Memory Management Program (MMP) which will be held on 14th June. Hopefully it really have some effect on me. It costs RM150 and today was the last day for me to pay, or else the person in charge will release my seats to others. Because the response is so overwhelming that the registration closed early. By right if I dun pay by 3rd of June then the payment would be RM18 =_= so expensive.... Kok Jin din wanted to go. So I have to go alone. I worry... later when I go... All working adults =___= Poor me...

So after that, went to Low Yat Plaza and accompany Kok Jin buy his Samsung LCD Wide Screen Monitor. So we went for lunch before going on the treasure hunt. We tried this Japanese Ramen shop at the lower ground floor, next to Old Town White Coffee shop. Can say that the food there is pricey =_= One bowl of ramen costs RM16, crazy one ah?! So... I ordered fried rice lunch set which consists of 3 slices of watermelon, one green tea, one small plate of chicken katsu and my fried rice, RM10. I think mine is more worth it compared to Kok Jin whose Sapporo Spicy Ramen set which have the noodle and one small plate of chicken katsu with green tea, RM18 =_=

Then.... we start hunting floor by floor, in search of his perfect monitor size *lol*. There was one shop which sold the 19 inch Samsung monitor for RM630, 22 inch for RM980. Then we went to the Samsung shop itself. The 19 inch was sold for RM625, RM5 cheaper. Then when up to the highest floor, a some sort of IT supermarket. The Samsung NW 17 inch costs RM528, 19 inch for RM618. Luckily we did not settle on the first shop. So Jin bought the 17 inch one instead. So I seized the chance to get myself a new mouse RM30! Super cute XD And then I got a webcam RM35. Then we also got a Samsung white/greyish keyboard for RM15. So altogether spent in Thunder Match was RM608. Wanted to buy the Sony Memory Pro Stick RM250, but we decided to come shop again next time. I saw a lot of laptop bag @.@ Got some nice nice one... But I think the price is not that nice. LOL. Before that I bought a laptop cooler for RM59, the portable one. Maybe I should have scout around for a better bargain but wanted to get this over quickly because I dun wanna get myself packed like a sardine in the monorail. So by almost 5pm we're out of Sg Wang and heading back to Titiwangsa then to Sentul by STAR.

Maybe should go to Low Yat more often with Jin. LOL~ But.. still havent manage to study :( Anyway, Sin Ying called me up in the morning and asked for my student ID. She helped me to check for my assessment marks. Out of 40 I got 31 (wow! for the 1st time.... I got high marks!), Sin Ying got 32 marks, KS also got 30 marks, only PK got about 27 marks? Because her assignment got only 10 marks. Surprisingly, all of our mid term passed. So that's a little start... But open book wont be easy either :(

Aiya, got Long Khong 2~ I wanna watch oh... kekeke.... 18th June onwards I shall be working with PK again... Oh money, I miss you! I wanna save the money to buy an electronic dictionary which costs nearly RM2k. Big Big Sigh... It's even more expensive than a PS3! Can even buy 2 PSPs, 3 Ps2s.... Nintendo DS also can buy d... Not to mention, a few brand new handphones! For the sake of my vocabularies. What to do?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bad Day for Management Accounting 2

I only managed to do 2 topics of MA2 tutorial questions. All these mind boggling questions are killing me. Maybe my brain's half dead and I was half awake/half asleep. Darn there was this question in topic 8 which I do not know how the answer can even derive a Fixed Cost = $4 =__= Coz the big lum sum of FC was $240,000. And I dunno where the contribution margin came from =_= Tsk...... Sigh...... Oh well, damn lucky this topic 8 most probably coming out in MCQ and theory/short essay for finals.

Then, I helped Seow Boon make appointment for MA2. So, it was supposed to be today at 1pm. Then I joined KS and Sin Ying for lunch the minute I got there. At around 1.24pm I got a call from Wisma HELP level 4, Michelle Phang told me nobody came to find her. I thought that Kai Lie had already went to find her =.= I sms-ed Seow Boon. She told me she wasn't feeling well. Wah... like that also need to inform me de ma. If I knew she's not going then I would tell Kai Lie quickly go find Michelle. Then I also sms-ed Kai Lie, she told me she thought Seow Boon went to find Michelle Phang already =__= I think it pissed the lecturer off also. Waited nearly 30 mins for nothing. Sigh. Maybe like that she got bad impression towards my name d.

Look and Behold!!!!!

Alex Chin and family~ XD Today Winnie Leong approved me in Facebook, kekeke.... so I curi-ed one pic. Dun u just adore him~ XD Well, there was a brighter picture which has identical pose inside. LOL, tht one probably with more lights on or simply with a flash. Suddenly, his kids look weirder as they grow up. Seems like Jason looked depressed. Joshua's eyes are kinda big (and odd) in the pic.