Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy week

Tired. Very very tired.
Haven't been sleeping enough for the past few days.
The Summer Camp organised by the Chinese Cultural Society was nice.
Met some new friends.
I probably see it as another chance to get to know the committees.
They're always having fun.
How envious.

Yesterday my whole day was only about meetings.
Had YEC meeting from 8.30am til 2.00pm.
Then had lunch with Kenny at Sri Hartamas Kim Gary.
By 5.00pm, I'm at HELP's hostel.
Waiting for other group members to arrive.
Had a hard time discussing the proposal and the activity flow.
Our proposal ended up finishing at 10pm something.
Then started to learn the dance moves from Hannah Montana.
Even us having a hard time remembering the dance moves,
I wonder how long will it take for the campers to learn later on.

Most likely we'll be going to Bukit Tinggi to serve~
The logo looks so nice!
Can't wait for the T-shirt printing.

I think I'm starting to fall sick again.
My nose is running again! ="=
I wonder it I got it from Vin's house since his bro had a severe flu case.
His grandaunt say long time din see me. Lol.

Today went to Jack's house since he's also staying near Vin's house.
Omg. His house. Damn rich kid.
His house has so many chairs =,="
Being so rich, he has no internet at home.

People will always be very complicated.
Don't know why.
It's sad to know that the things that you do are not supported by others.
So he chose to ignore the people, and does what he can.
For me, I don't choose sides.
I barely even know these people.
Oh well...

Sleepy sleepy....
Next week is the last week of my sem break.
How sad... :(