Thursday, February 28, 2008

U Wanna Hear The Good News Or The Bad News First?

Oh well, might as well start off with the good news. Congratulations to Suraya, she gave birth to her 2nd child (sources by Helena). And nobody really ever believed that she was pregnant. But unfortunately, as this semester's timetable went haywire (not sure if this is the spelling). So the department had to call back Suraya, who was supposed to be on an extented leave. Until tmr, Biz Dept will be busy as the people from LAN will be coming to check the fails bla blah. Ming Yuen and the rest not so free to layan us.

The super bad news of the day is that... Me, Sin Ying and Pui Kuen attended today's Company Law (ACC201). Knowing it was Cithra teaching, but we dun have a choice. Not that we want her to teach her. So, from our past experience, u know I know we all know that she used to ffk our classes. And is quite torturing when her law classes are always in the early morning.. =.= what the heck.

After yesterday's incident (I got stuck outside my house for at least 10 mins just waiting for the super brilliant traffic lights to turn green - remember 2 traffic lights outside my house? one green the other red =.= how exciting could it be?) so I was late for Ms Phang's class, and she wasn't very happy with students entering the class late. KS say when she went in Ms Phang was staring at her. When I left house was around 7.30am.

So today I left house earlier.. before 7.20am. Then I reached college around... 7.40am? Most of the students were late. Then Sin Ying reached after 8am. Pui Kuen arrived at 8.30am. Cithra was nowhere at sight. Then more or less u start to worry. So we just chat chat chat... Until.. the big Hong Sheng said she's not coming... ****....

The bad thing doesn't stop here. On our back to main block for a meal, which was around 9am tht time. Then Sin Ying went to DSA to surrender the parking vouchers. Then bump into KS' brother. Then we waited for my brother to finish French Banana's class then the 4 of us went for breakfast. I saw Mr Alex today XD but I did not greet him. He was looking straight. Then... I noticed that... French Banana and Mr Lye Kok Keong were talking in the bookstore... Dammit.... I wanted to ask him whether he'll start the class today or just brief. But FB was standing there. No mood to enter then we just left. Sin Ying didn't wanna attend Financial Reporting because she's too sleepy and say let her be lazy for this week.

Me and PK waited for Mr Lye's arrival since 1o something. Until 11.40am baru Brenda from lvl 2 come in and say he'll start class at 12pm. Then waited til 12pm still dun see a shadow. By 12.30~12.40 Brenda came in and told us Mr Lye is on the way. But PK oredi got tired of waiting. She did not sleep for the whole nite, all because of Cithra. She encountered another insomnia night. So she decided not to sleep, or else she wont be able to come for Law201. Looks like she is super unlucky. Oh well.

What a day. I bought my external HDD d XD purposely buy a bigger space one so tht I can play games. LOL... And I probably wont be getting a 2nd one. So better I get a bigger one. Long lasting. So called la. Now I can put all the rubbish into the HDD d. Maybe I shall take Law the later sem. I dun wanna jeopardise my Fin203. So happen lecture for Fin203 and Law201 are on the same time. Damn shitty. Until now dunno wat subject to take neh... The stupid thing of all is that all the lecture classes are 8am. every single one of them. Damn vomit blood. Besides Fin204 i think.

Mum and Jin leaving for airport this Saturday. March 11th is Jin's birthday. Our Penang trip shall be on the 14th March.

Oh the way, FB looked slimmer. Bet she got cursed by students from our batch til she got nightmares to sleep soundly at night. Still look so Ba-bi.

Friday, February 22, 2008

CNY visiting 2008

After a sad post, time for something to cheer up. This year, we managed to go to some new houses for New Year! Yippie~ And Mr Tee also joined our visiting troop this year~ Our visiting trip split into 2 days this time, because travelling to Khai Shein and Sin Ying's houses are quite far, at least 30-45 mins of drive to reach Klang/Jalan Banting. And of course, we made the effort to go to Dong Zen temple in Jenjarom!

First Day - Saturday (16/02/08)
- 1st house - Mine - Is this gonna be permanent? This year's visiting is on a Saturday, which was also Kenny Leong and my mum's birthday! A combined celebration with a weird choice of cakes (photos not received). Like last year, spent the most time in my house and watched TV (last year was Gremlins 2, this year is a movie by the Olsen twins, something like Two of A Pair.. so something like tht...). Also ordered Domino's pizza to have something inside our stomachs.

- 2nd house - Mr Tee Chee How - Travelled to Selayang to visit his house XD Gambled there. Had fun playing 3 Cards >.<>.< There was one round where we had no winner for 2 or 3 rounds, so the money accumulated. LOLS~ In the end I was the winner XD So my loss became a profit instantly, with RM20+ covering my loss of RM10+, my net winning was RM9. Did I mention that his youngest brother played with us, and he's so adorable XD Next year must visit his house again~

- 3rd house - Kenny - From Selayang we drove to Kepong. Then it would be easier to go to Damansara. Watched Kok Jin play PS2 =.= I dunno wat is the name of the game. But it involves a monster looking flower that students use to drink tea =.=" Guess what? One of the characters are also named Kenny! His dog, Princess wanted to come out from the room and the window was open~ Damn determined his dog was, then got stucked XD dunno izzit the dog was stucked at the window coz the dog was trying to get out. Khai Shein discovered it I think. Pui Kuen requested for Nintendo DS the minute she see Kenny bringing out the PS2.

-4th house - Soo Wen - Off we go~ To Soo Wen's for more new year titbits. We finished her container of Bak Gwa. Pui Kuen was the gambling queen (big 2)~ Kenny, Aaron, Dai Jek Lou, PK gambled and she won so easily. Stayed til 5 something when it was almost near to dinner time. DJL and Kenny have dinners to attend to, so we also just san cheung. This time got go up to Soo Wen's room see look see look XD Her plush toys on the bed are so funny~ but the rabbit is so cute >.< The wombat doesn't look like a wombat, LOL.. And I din manage to look at all her awards..

Troop of the day consist - Me, Aaron, Kok Jin, Soo Wen, Khai Shein, Sin Ying, Pui Kuen, Chee How, Pui Kuen, Kenny

Shanna couldn't make it at the last minute coz she had something to do. Hua Fu wanted to join us but he had classes.

Second Day - Tuesday (19/02/08)
We gathered at Soo Wen's house coz it would be faster to get to Klang. Sin Ying was leaving for Taiwan on 20th. Asked PK whether could pick Shanna for me. Bought her tapioca chips.

-1st house - Sin Ying's - PK and Mr Tee's first time coming to Sin Ying's house. Everyone played with Sin Ying's massaging machines. The iGallop has the most ugliest pose. PK played with uZap til her tummy also itchy. Played 007 but it was weird coz everyone was playing slowly. Kok Jin ate mouldy Bak Gwa~ My joke became real =.= Went up to Sin Ying's room. She wanted to con us that the master bedroom was her room. Then she wanted to trick us that her brothers' room was her room. Then we were guessing which bed was hers =.=" Her bed so small but got so many toys on the bed. Actually is not many, but they're BIG =.=" PK, Sin Ying and Wen kept punching the black baby Pooh toy.. so sad that toy is innocent, it was the owner that they dislike - Spritzer. Then Mr T played with the Pooh.

- 2nd house - Khai Shein - For the first time in new year, we actually get to enter her house. Ate Fererro Roche (dammit, forgotten the spelling) like crazy. Then made KS pay for seafood dinner. Bill came to around RM150. Her father helped us to order thru phone so that we won't have to wait too long. But I guess it made not much of a difference. I played a trick on Aaron and he fell for it, the rest played along. Bluff him that Sin Ying was leaving for Taiwan to continue her studies. Then they even go as far as sending her off (not really sending her). And claimed that the dinner is a farewell dinner. Wahahahhaa~ After dinner, Sin Ying went home but we went to the temple.

Ultimate Destination - Dong Zen Temple in Jenjarom. A lot of red laterns decorated all over the place. Nice flowers they've got there. Then they've got some miniature models of temples I think. From different regions. There was a row of 20+ of Kuan Yin statues. They have wishing trees. One was the tossing red cloth, the other was writing the wishes on the back of the bookmark-like auspicious wishes and hang on the tree. Me and Shanna wrote wishes. But have to donate first la. A lot of photo snapping but less of camwhoring.

I might say that this day is one of my unluckiest day. It started when I wanted to get down to Sin Ying's house. Then when I wear my sandles, I accidentally wore 2 different sandles of each side =.=" so Bergaya. Had to borrow from Sin Ying. Then I returned Sin Ying's camera (she left at my house), I forgotten to bring my own camera out =.="Only can rely on KokJin's phone camera. Everyone did not bring their own camera because they thought that I would be bringing. The lesson, pls bring own cameras for every occasion. TQ. Shanna regretted not bringing her cam because she wanted to snap the buddha. I guess it was a nice place to snap some photos.

Troop consist - Me, Kok Jin, Aaron, Pui Kuen, Chee How, Shanna, Sin Ying (until dinner), Khai Shein, Soo Wen

Kenny working so couldn't make it. Hua Fu have classses again. Soo Wen say next year must invite him.

Torture T_T

Today is the day when our results are released. Unfortunately, this time, I really failed one subject. I dunno God is fooling me or showing me some sympathy, the result I got for my Fin203 was an AE. Pui Kuen only took one subject last semester, she also got AE for her ACC203. I was lucky to have passed that subject. Now I'm thinking of whether to only take 2 subjects this semester. I'm considering to attend the Fin203 lectures although I dun have to. But I think it would be better, so that I can really understand the subject more (hopefully).

After many years of prediction that I will fail my exam. This time it came true. But given the chance to resit. Nah... Told u =.= At least my accounting subjects dun have the D. Add oil Kuen Kuen!!

Hmm... final decision... probably take 2 subjects. When finals I will be studying for 3 subjects >.< kla, deal~ ~

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy CNY folks~

Sorry for not updating the blog. Now it's already 2.28am, not asleep. Just came back from Segambut, where my grandma's house lies. To be exact, it is now 15th Febuary. Duh, it's the 9th day of CNY, Hokkien New Year~~ Finally, after for many years, I finally get to pray on the 9th day >.< Although I do not have a certain religion, but I pray because it's a Chinese custom which might die off one day. The reason: youngsters no longer have a very clear idea of the customs and ceremonies to be taken place, except those who have been attending and helping out in every single ceremony or custom.

I did not pray on the 1st day of CNY (CNY eve), stayed home with my brother playing game, I think it was dotA. I think so la. Hmm.. The difference in this year is that I finally started talking to my cousins, especially to my cousin sisters, coz all the while I hardly mix with them. Hopefully it would turn out to be better later days.

A rumour has now been proven - my cousin brother (dad's eldest bro's youngest son = eldest uncle's younger son) is gay. My mum told me before, and I choose to believe that he was gay. Well, knowing this doesn't really change any of my view towards him. Heard that he started an affair during form 5 with his uncle bus's son. Didn't know it was that long la. Then he stayed with a man during his move out in his college years. Today, he brought a foreigner, which I heard was his colleague, and another Chinese guy which is his fren. My second uncle's second son (cousin bro) discovered it when he, out of curiousity, went to a gay bar with his friends. Suddenly he bumped into the gay cousin bro. He asked 2nd uncle's son whether he knew that he was gay. My cousin bro just got stunned, dunno wat to answer. Not sure if the other relatives knew.

Few days ago I thought about last time. When I was in my junior high school years, I asked him during CNY, when is he gonna get married coz I wanna collect angpow from him. He onli told me that he doesn't have a gf to get married so whr got angpow to give out. Then I asked him to quickly find one. =.=" Dunno my naive-ness caused him any trauma or not. Now he's already in his late 20's, soon to be 30 in a couple of years.

This year is a bad year for me to gamble. Just when I thought I wanna mix around, keep losing money. So bad luck. Sigh. Wat a way to start the new year. Aaron on the other hand, at his parents' hometown won money =.=" So I can't say that it's a bad year for the rabbits. Results vary.

Something happened on 14th nite. 2 hours before midnight (15th), a fire broke out when most of the relatives were gambling, including me. Although the fire wasn't exactly big, but it was one of the biggest fire I've seen for now. It's coconut fiber, one of the company's stock. Very easy to catch fire. Luckily it was under control, didn't need a fire truck to come put off. My swift parked a small distance away from the fire, luckily I din listen to my brother to park near the store. If not my car might kena. It all started with the little nephews playing with fireworks, along with my cousin bro and his wife to supervise the kiddies. Then came strong wind, the fireworks which was put inside a bottle dropped and the fireworks aimed for the fibers and little sparks were formed. Because the wind was strong, the sparks soon turn to fire. Small fire then becomes big fire. Soon whole thing oso on fire. All the relatives went to help, mostly the guys. While the ladies just watch and discuss how it happened and who started it.

I contributed something. Just when I had to park my mum's car somewhere, my cousin sis asked me to shine the light on the fire so that they could see. So I just sat in the car, on the hi-lights and let them put off the fire. Then sms-ed with Soo Wen about the CNY visiting plan.

This year's CNY is abit inconvenient.