Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Easy Steps to Making Cupcakes

FIRST!! choose ur choice of recipe book nicely

CONFIRM ur best recipe~

DOUBLE CHECK ur ingredients

TAKE OUT watever baking tools needed

NOT SURE wat to do? Get on ur phone!

GET GOING~ wat r u waiting for?

*TING TING* Santa's helper is at work~ *work work*

OUR TRUSTWORTHY pal - the mixer-jiggy

SINFUL chocolate on its way~

DO REMEMBER to check ur ingredients at all times~ u dun wanna have them overdo right?

COMBINE 'em *sniff sniff*

PREPARE ur cute little "paper cups"

DISTRIBUTE 'em equally

HAPPY baking!

SMELLS good and looks good!

MAKE some icing~

THIS step requires 2 person (because the bowl is too light and it floats on water) COOK in boiling water

AFTER COOLING then beat it til thick and fluffy

POUR into the triangle-shaped plastic


ADD any toppings u wan and PRESTO!


Shuying must be jealous because she couldn't join us. And most likely she won't be able to come out to bake together even if she's still here. Family day she claims.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Things that go wild on 28th April 2008

Had a great celebration with Vivin for her bday. And yes, Manpreet joined us for the once in a year birthday lunch with us. Baked cupcakes for Vivin. I dunno how is Vivin gonna finish so many of the cupcakes XD Oh well, happy eating Vivin! We almost smoked Pizza Hut to death with its customers inside. Wahaha~ I think many ppl envied la. I could be wrong, and vain~ XD

On the way back to main block, we bid Soo Wen and Vivin farewell since they're taking the bus home. So us girls, consisting of ZiXian, Manpreet, Khai Shein, Sin Ying and me were walking when suddenly right in front of KFC open area, I looked down onto the ground and shouted MONEY!!! Everyone was stunned and kept looking at the money, discussing what we shud do with it. I think there got around RM40+ if I'm not mistaken la. So, we decided to donate the money to the KFC watever foundation that they have. The poor guy who dropped the money, oh well, indirectly he or she did a good deed. LOL~

And yes, I've got an announcement to make. I'm back to being single. Don't worry. I'm feeling fine. Probably just some mixed feelings inside. We're still good frens. Reason? Mm... mm.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Strawberry Jam

Cooking strawberry jam was kinda easy. Never knew it was that easy though. Only let Khai Shein and Sin Ying smell, and gave a small portion to Soo Wen because she loved strawberries. But I think the jam is too sweet. Sigh...

I think I better start putting some effort by uploading those photos that I've promised to upload but never did... :(

Went to some boutique shops in Jln Telawi 2, Bangsar. Some I couldn't recall the names of the shop. Only remembered Cat's Whiskers, Mooie, Tea and Sympathy... Oh, that's all I could recall... Anyways, while I was google-searching for T&S website, I happen to find this fella, known as Sze, (who is T&S' boss' fren), the world is small or big? It seems that some of the accessories there are from her.

Watched Ah Long Pte Ltd? Sze knows one of the actors in the movie. And I got his blog too. His name is Daniel Tan. I think he was one of the followers for Fann Wong in the movie.

Kla... time to go to bed. So tired. Wat a week I say!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Famous Mr Chan

Oh my goodness... wouldn't believe wat I've just seen =______=

While I was curious about my gaming fren's blog, out of boredom and curiosity, I registered myself in Lowyat.NET and they were selling LYN t-shirts which I thought was quite cool.. so browse thru.. see got JROCK KINGDOM website (this year the Jrock event is held in RUUMS.. Aaron invited me to go.. last year was in Sri Kembangan).. so fingers itchy clicked into it.. then I went to check out their forum.. seems like the JRock community wanted to arrange transportation for this year's Bon Odori, and they were conducting a survey of coz.

I think it was the moderator or whoever la.. oh.. it's the site admin.. anyway.. he gave a link for Bon Odori 2007 blog link. Since I did not attend last year's, I just click lo... then.... =__= there were plenty of photos.. so I just scroll down.. and in one of the pics... CHAN JOE EE appeared =.= he so famous?

U guys can go bat if u wanna bat... walalala~

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bunny Attack!

i think my blog is gonna be irritating for the time being~ walalala
so cute oh the bunny~

Friday, April 11, 2008

You Just Got Served!

Kok Jin's surf spelt "s-u-f-t"~ So cute~ XD

Anyways... Yesterday after class it was pouring outside. Sin Ying left without me coz I wanted to go toilet. So.. I waited for the bus. Too many students, so the first bus was full. Aaron came down from the bus with his giant umbrella~ But he din see me standing under the tree.

So I waited patiently for the next bus. Then finally it came. There was this 4 guys hiding under the same jacket =____= these dao gei... They said silly things like, "Do u think we 4 person can share one seat?" =______=" Under the rain u can afford to say such thing? Then they lan gentleman, let the girls from the otherside to go up. OK lo... Since the girls so kesian wait under the rain with their umbrellas =.= I waited under the rain with my jacket. Who more cham?

The best thing is about to happen. These 4 guys finished letting the girls go up d, then got 2 of them went up. Then left the other 2 standing at the bus entrance.. then the guy in front dun wanna get up, the guy behind him ask why he dun go up, the guy in front said, "Must let the girls go up first ma~" Until my turn, that two guys just looked at me, blocking the entrance... I told him:"Can u please just get in the bus? You're blocking the way"

His fren laughed at him and kept telling him "U just got served man!! Wahahahahaha" all the way into the bus... =___= weird ppl...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The wrong "path" taken

I wanted to check whether my blog had any comments, so there wasn't really a need for me to log in. Typed the wrong address and this is wat I got +_+ Have a look... LOL~ have fun with it!

Argh... feeling lazy but.. gotta start hitting the books soon!

Mid Term Dates:
14th Monday 8.30am-10.30am Management Accounting 2
17th Thursday 11am-1pm(?) Financial Reporting (cant remember =_=)
18th Friday 2pm-4pm Company Law

Oh, it's late already. Wuwu... Oyasumi~ ;)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

If Dogs Could Talk...

Yesterday, me, mum and Kok Jin were chatting in the kitchen. Suddenly we were discussing if dogs could talk what would they say.

Mum says:"If Belle Belle can talk, she will scold me coz I gave her too much liver and made her hair come out." then she starts imitating and talk as if she's Belle.

I say:"If Bowie can talk, he will scold u (refering to mum) that u always scold him, dun feed him on time." then starts imitating.. "Where's my food u.. B..... *silence*"

Kok Jin:"Oh.. u wanted to say tht B**** word izzit" XD << his expression

Continue to imitate wat the dogs would probably say. LoL~

Today I learn to play Oasis' Don't Look Back In Anger. But I havent got the book yet, cant practise. But the book got Wonderwall oso XD yeah yeah~

Saturday, April 5, 2008

wu lang ai ke Cineleisure kua hee boh?

Seems that Cathay Cineleisure has offer for movie tickets, buy 3 free 1. Offer til 30th April. Normal price and not valid on Wed, eve and on public holidays.

Maybe can accompany Wen Wen go watch the movie she asked me that day. Mr Average izzit? Forgotten the title.

OH. I'm addicted to playing Jojo's Fashion Show. Kept downloading the game from different sources just to complete the game. This is the first time ever to chase the game til 4 something in the morning baru gan yuan go to bed. Today downloaded from another 2 more sources. Muahahah~ I think I'm close to completing the game d. Mum kept looking at me playing. Ask me izzit fun. I ask her she wanna play izzit. She say maybe.. Wuahahahahha. I think her fav is still Pacman or CDman.

Save The Trees!

I don't like printing out assignments. They waste ink. Ink is not cheap. They waste paper. Paper comes from trees, need many years to grow into one fine looking big tree. That day while printing my accounting assignment. I pity the poor papers. Just one question alone i had to use 12 papers on formula sheet =_= 3 papers for the answer sheet. Essay for each question is 3 pages. So I saved the balance of the paper which were to be cut off from the assignment sheets.

Aaron sms me saying that a girl approached him when he got his assignment printed from document centre. The girl ask him about his assignment, wat subject he was taking. Then she started talking about how many trees have to chop down to make papers for our assignments. She said she was sad because her assignment oso need a lot of papers. LOL. Trees wont stop being chopped down unless everything is digitalized. Which I think it could be bad. Unless it's developed into the toys like we used to play - the board which we draw and draw and draw and can be instantly erased with the thing that we push up and down. Now i think they put tiny crushed pieces of magnets inside, so the pen tht we use is a magnet oso. Dunno if u get wat i'm saying. Oh ya, the bad point is that the later generation would not know how to write, have to rely on keyboards / keypads.

The funny thing about my accounting assignment is that, since the question was assuming that we're working in a timber mill. So I wrote save the environment XD I know my assignment will terpesong again. Sigh. Maybe thats why i dun get high marks in assignments. My conclusion oso stated if we can't reduce spoil, scrap and rework, why not take it and sell to other industries that might need them instead of us trying to dump the scraps all over the place, causing pollution. And can also reduce trees being chopped down to make into products tht they want. As the saying goes, One man's trash is another man's treasure. Very extreme hor XD The question ask us how to reduce spoilage, scrap and reworked items, i write how to recycle them instead XD I think lecturer will vomit blood.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Why does the sun go on shining?
Why do the sea rush to shore?




A very funny thing happened yesterday was that I received a sms from Jobstreet, saying that a company has viewed my cv and wanted to hire me as their accounts assistant. How sad, had to turn down the job with regret coz I dun have time to work. And this is ironic. Had to state there not able to work on weekdays.


Rough Week

I guess the more "senior" we get in college, the more busier we get. This so-called CSU Revision Week aka holiday break for HUC students, is definately not applicable to me >( Mr Lye had replacement classes on Wed n Thurs. Mr Val had replacement on Thursday 8am, Mr Lye's at 11.

Started last week, started attempting the ACC201 assignment questions as it was due this Monday (31-3-08). Bryan's 21st bday was on 30th, which falls on a Sunday. So bad... so I tried my best to rush as fast as possible. I like writing, but I dun really like doing research. So this 2 essay questions were giving me a hard time. Anyways, I tried to write as much as I can. So easily I already vomited out one page out of 3 pages before I went to bed and continue the next day, which was a Saturday already. Every night, had to sleep late just to do 2 essay questions with word limit 1000 each. So much for the crap I wrote. My main points were very little, I guess my assignment marks is going to be the lowest compared to Sin Ying and Khai Shein. I think out of the 3, Sin Ying's the highest.

After submitting the ACC201, it was time to rush LAW201. How great can it get? I wasn't sure wat I was doing with the whole assignment. Got fed up and took the easy way out, copy word for word. I dun give a damn if I fail. Most likely I'll be wont be able to pass any law subject tht easily. Dunno the damn footnote will help me from plagerism or not. Submit d, so it's up to Chithra.

On the very same day of submitting law 201 assignment then got replacement class at 8am lo. Mr Lye punya. I thought Sin Ying slept like dead pig. She told me she woke up late and entered class after 8.30am. I even woke up early to print her assignment lo. Mana tau I reach college so much earlier than usual =_= For the first time I finished assignment before 12am. So shock of myself, but already expected. Sin Ying finished at 4am and sms me tht she left her assignment in my mail d. Even print PK's assignment and submit for her.

Yesterday while feeding the rabbits, Handsome escaped from his cage and ate Kok Jin's money plant. So I went to catch him. He used his two strong legs with super sharp nails and SCRATCH me. Now my left hand full of scratches. HANDSOME'S one. Evil Handsome.. wuwuw... everyday feed u and give u water.. this is how u repay my kindness?! Each time I see u I pat u first, now u scratch me =_=

Today went to music class also tak jadi, John told me that Theresa say I wasn't coming =_= so Mr Dominic coming in at 4pm. Miscommunication somewhere. Sigh. So rayau in Tower Records for about 40 mins before looking for my mum. She oso blind one. Nvr search the whole store properly say cant find me and went to eat tong sui on her own... jin gak!!! I carry the guitar til my hand oso wanna break.

Harsh week... mid term exams are coming. Havent study yet. Shuying's fav line: " Wat Are U Waiting For? "