Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Busy Sem Break

Makes me sound like I was very free in my past sem breaks. Ok ok la. Sometimes got work, sometimes stay home, sometimes got holiday. But this sem is unusual. Now I'm having activities in college like every week. Having to attend camps, training sessions, meetings and some club activities. I sound so busy now.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by Kenny to attend a committee meeting for YEC. Then I thought like since I've got nothing to do, might as well just do him a favor and attend lo. First day of meeting, the damn shuttle bus driver tells the students that his bus cannot have students standing. And he was like whining and saying some stuff la. I couldn't listen clearly because I was on my MP3. So we were trying to get onto the bus. Then suddenly, just when I was about to get up. The driver say, CANNOT COME IN! I went WTF?!

The meeting was at 8am. I was at the bus at 8am. I sms-ed Kenny in advance that I was waiting for the bus. Then I think I heard somebody calling my name but I couldn't see who. Kenny was in the bus. He asked the driver to let me go up. SO nice of him! When I got in, eh, the damn bus still got plenty of seat lo! Can sit like another 10 more people. Then the bus driver said, "Wanna complain? Go complain to the office!"

I was asked to jot down some stuff at the meeting, something like minutes. I wasn't aware that the club doesn't have enough committee members. Suddenly during election of committee, I became secretary. Wah.... =,=" Big responsibility. Kenny say propose that I become secretary after his long observation. What observation? =,= The only thing I did for him was to help him out at the campus tour. He said he saw me joining other activities. I see. I'm getting along with some of the committee with the help of MSN. Walala... the wonders of online communication. One guy actually looked a bit like my cousin who's studying in Monash U at Aus.

Wahh.. Now all the new people that I know are younger than me.. sobsob..... Now I'm getting to know a lot of psychology students. Because of the Chinese Cultural Society (CCS) and their sub-society, Community Outreach Society (COS). The people I know starts from the year borned in 1988, some 1990. So I know some juniors from Foundation, who happened to be March intakes as well. Yeah~ I feel so old :(

Happy sem-break to me. Hope I have time for the long overdue paintball game ;(

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