Friday, June 19, 2009


AS USUAL, before I start answering my essay questions, I will state out some points on the question paper. Normal right? So as I was brainstorming.. so-called la... I automatically started drawing on the question paper. It was within the 1st half an hour. Probably 15 mins or so.

Suddenly, this お婆さん (obaasan) stood in front of me and told me, "This is an exam, why are you drawing?" with a serious look =,= Can you mind your business and I'll mind mine? As long as I'm not cheating, why would you bother if I'm drawing or answering the questions? After all the exam is 3 hours, not 1 hour.

The commotion that she stirred left me with stares and glares from other exam candidates. Hello aunty, this is the exam hall. Don't disturb the peace la. So I kindly told her, with a smile, that drawing helps to calm me down and it's part of my brainstorming. I'm not sure if she heard because I'm down with the flu now. So most likely my voice is distorted already.

Then Miss Chitra was looking at me also. Then smiled. Scary. Then when the exam was about to end then Mr Lye came in. Then he also looked at me with his usual sly face and his sly grim. Then he asked me whether I was sitting for Accounting Theory paper. He seemed to be looking for a student, maybe.

Finally. The end of the semester. Happy sem-break to me.

Took Bobo to Vin's house yesterday. Thought we could have Wiley and Bowie playing together. But, mana tau... Wiley was so fierce! Before Bobo can even touched him, Wiley's already on self-defence mode d. Then the butt itchy Vin kept disturbing Wiley with Bobo. Letting Wiley making those "psssst... pssst!!" sound. His grandma also complained about him LOL. Then finally we put Bobo in the toilet. And then because Bobo was out of sight for a moment, Wiley was back to his normal cuddly face. He is so cute that he showed us his sad kitten cat eyes. OMG. So freaking cute~.~ Like the Puss in Boots from Shrek. He damn know how to act cute XD

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