Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random Thoughts

What a shitty MA3 paper. I got what I wished for, but I forgotten the answers! Shame on me.

Damn I miss those Sum41 songs! The Hell Song is playing in my head now.

After Wednesday, I'm free to go find my cute lil' son Wiley.

Maybe can even take mum go to Connaught night market.

Hmm, have to remind myself to read up those books during sem break.

July come so soon after that.

Maybe might go to Bon Odori with fellow Japanese Language classmates. Maybe only.

Should remind myself to download Tal Bachman songs. Love his version of She's So High and When She Sleeps.

I wanna go bowling and badminton and cycling. Play water as well.

Want to speed but I have to cut down on my petrol expenses. Poor.

I hate guys.


Robbstar said...

eh.. I thought Tal Bachman sang She's so High.... not the original singer? hmmm
nvm... can pass one....
or.... or... I dunno how to console people.. :(

YuuEne said...

Tal Bachman sing She's So High lo. You remembered who's the World Idol? coz he sang a version of She's So High also. forgotten tht person's name d. Dunno izzit he's from Finland or something.